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NameCheap is a leading domain name registration and hosting company, and it is authorized by ICANN. This company was established in 2002 and has developed more than 500,000 domain clients till now.

In recent years, NameCheap is getting more and more popular with the expansion of business. But for many webmasters, it is still hard to get objective and authentic information about its hosting service. The company offers four shared hosting plans – Value, Professional, Ultimate and Business SSD which are priced from $3.98/mo, $7.48/mo, $13.98/mo and $19.98/mo respectively.

However, NameCheap is actually not a good choice for webmasters who desire cost-effective and powerful hosting solutions. It gives limited features with slightly high pricing level. Take the Value plan as an example. Unlike other hosts offering unlimited disk storage and bandwidth, NameCheap only gives customers 25 GB disk space, five hosting domains and websites and 50 subdomains in this basic plan. It doesn't support some important hosting features such as SSH, Ruby on Rails, Cron Jobs, etc.

Besides its limited features, customers also complain about its other services like spam filter. NameCheap claims that it has tough anti-spam protection, but as many customers reflect, it always identifies work emails as spam. It is clear that this company overstates the products and services.
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NameCheap Performance Review 2.00 of 5

NameCheap owns two data centers in US and UK severally. It invests a lot to hardware and infrastructure, including data centers and servers that are well equipped with advanced cooling technologies, constant monitoring system as well as dual power generator.

Even though, complaints about its downtime never stops, and some customers encounter at least once over-five minutes downtime for a week, which is a serious issue that all webmasters care about. As our monitoring team has collected more accurate and objective information, we find that NameCheap is much slower than the average level in hosting industry, which is disappointing and surprising. After all, it does spend a lot in hardware and take performance seriously.

NameCheap Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

Speaking of reliability, we'd like to take some core concerns into considerations like hardware and recorded performance history. To give you a thorough and comprehensive analysis on this, we spare no effort to dig out relevant information.

As we mentioned before, NameCheap is recognized by ICANN and is popular in domain field industry, which can be attributed to its large customer base and excellent domain registration service. But we find that little praise is from hosting users. It is reasonable that NameCheap puts most of its investment and energy into domain name registration, which is the core driver of its revenue and reputation.

NameCheap has US and UK data centers, which adds reliability for the company. However, though it promises a 99.9% uptime guarantee, it fails to keep its words. We collect many reviews and real user comments on the Internet, and find that many people are unsatisfied with its frequent downtimes and torpid maintenance procedure. In terms of domain registration, it is trustworthy, but it is not worthwhile to choose its hosting service.

NameCheap Feature Review 3.00 of 5

Unquestionably, NameCheap provides a full range of options for shared hosting demanders. At present, it has four shared hosting plans, including Value, Professional, Ultimate and Business SSD.

The four plans include some similar features like unlimited bandwidth and cPanel, but there are significant differences in other features, such as disk space and allowed websites. More specifically, Value plan includes only 25 GB bandwidth and allows hosting no more than 5 websites, which is quite limited considering its price.

The most common limitation among the plans is that none of them supports Ruby on Rails, a widely used programming language supported by most web hosting companies. Combined with this fact, the disadvantages in resource allocation and technical features may cause inconvenience or even troubles.

NameCheap Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

According to our experience and user comments we collect, we think you may need to take technical support seriously because there always are many issues to fix in NameCheap. NameCheap offers terrible technical support for web hosting users.

It provides ticket and live chat support and at the same time it presents how-to tutorials and forum. But unfortunately, it does not offer phone support, which is extremely discommodious for clients who have emergent issues need fixing. You may think NameCheap live chat is also a good way for seeking solutions of emergent issues, and we want to say: you are totally wrong.

The live chat is very slow and useless. When you want to have a live chat, firstly, you need to find it in the support center rather than its home page. Secondly, they will offer you a web portal to search related issues and other channels except live chat. Thirdly, when you find a live support in the bottom of that page, again, you are provided options about your questions. And then, you can click “live chat online.” Finally, a page that requests your personal information and questions jump off in front of you.

Only after all these steps above, can you get a person for live chat, and wait for a reply. What an annoying live chat support! So, be aware of the support of NameCheap.