Micfo Coupon & Promotion 2018

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Web host Micfo offer a coupon with 20% discount on the web hosting starting at $3.2/mo instead of the regular price at $4/mo for the 4-year billing cycle, which helps you save $153.6 totally via the following promotional link from Micfo.

It looks cost effective as it advertising rich features, high uptime guarantee and 24x7 professional support. In fact, it is very awful. Micfo is a poor hosting provider with slow loading speed, poor reliability and terrible customer service. At this point, we highly recommend you go with the following companies.

According to the ranking table below, we can see that all of the hosting providers offer premium hosting solutions and price the service less than $3/mo with exclusive discount. The three hosting providers invest a lot on their data centers so as to guarantee 99.99% uptime and stunning access speed.

Micfo Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret Micfo coupon codes and promotions - 20% discount, from $5.00/mo to $5.60/mo

  • Exclusive 20% Discount
    Starting at $5.60/mo, saving up to $50

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