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Media Temple is now promoting the Grid shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, DV Developers and DV managed VPS with special benefits. You can enjoy 2-month free for annual plans, 5-month free for biennial plans, and 9-month free for triennial plans.

In addition, there are a number of coupons available for the Grid, WordPress hosting, and DV managed VPS. If you are planning to purchase any of the services, you have the chance to save more than 20% of the cost. Note that all coupons have restrictions, as is explained below.

Exclusive Coupon: MTSUMMER20

Using MTSUMMER20, you are able to get 20% off Grid, WordPress Personal, WordPress Studio, DV Level 1 and DV Level 2. The discount applies to the annual billing terms and new customers only.

For DV managed VPS plans, the coupon code DV20YEAR brings the same benefit: a 20% discount for the initial term of 1-year subscriptions. The difference is that this code is available for all DV plans instead of limiting the usage to Level 1 and Level 2.

Coupons for Grid Shared Hosting

Besides the 20% discount for 1-year billing introduced above, you can also apply the following coupon codes to get a saving on the hosting fee of Grid.
  • GRID20: 33% discount for the 1-year billing.
  • 5GRIDAFF: 75% off 1-month subscription, with which Grid is available at $5/mo. It cannot be used for any yearly billing.

Media Temple Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret Media Temple coupon codes and promotions - 75% discount, from $5.00/mo

  • 20% Off Grid, WordPress and DV
    Get a 20% discount for Grid, WordPress Personal, WordPress Studio, DV Level 1 and DV Level 2.
  • 20% Off Any DV Plan
    Get a 20% discount for all DV managed VPS plans.
  • 33% Off Grid
    Get a 33% discount for the 1-year terms of Grid.
  • 75% Off Grid
    Get a 75% discount for the 1-month terms of Grid.