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MDDHosting is a start-up hosting company that was established in 2007. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the supplying of different hosting solutions. It is undeniable that the company is understaffed and has limited resources, which to some degree erodes its competitiveness in the industry.

Apart from hosting, the company also provides a variety of other relevant products and services, including domain registration, domain transfer, software licenses, SSL certificates and more. Among all the products from the company, shared hosting is the most notable one, which is the flagship product of MDDHosting.

At present, MDDHosting releases three shared hosting plans - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced - which are priced at $7.50/mo, $11.50/mo and $15.50/mo respectively. If customers choose to pay annually, they can get a 15% discount. Besides, the company offers a coupon code WHT50 with which you can purchase the shared, premium, reseller and VPS hosting plans at the discounted price that is 50% off. Even if MDDHosting provides discounts, its pricing level is still relatively higher than the average in the market.
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Editorial Review

MDDHosting Speed Review 1.50 of 5

MDDHosting claims to have top-notch servers to ensure good performance. However, as mentioned before, the company uses servers in a shared data center, and it provides limited space and resources, so the performance in speed is disappointing.

There was a time when MDDHosting had sufficient resources to provide to clients and users were excited about its high-speed. But now, with the increase of the users, its speed is barely satisfactory. The average page loading time is over 40 seconds.

MDDHosting Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

There is no evidence that MDDHosting has its own-managed data center even on its official website. It is obviously that the company rents a data center to locate its servers. Therefore, no matter how robust and powerful MDDHosting claims that the data center is, you need to know that the company share it with other companies and has no complete control. And then, you will not be surprised to find its performance in stability is very poor.

We collect hundreds of user comments on the internet and find that many customers complain MDDHosting for frequent downtime especially in last two years. The company has spread its business in other countries in recent years, but it did not invest much money on its facilities, which may indirectly lower the quality of products and services.

MDDHosting Feature Review 1.50 of 5

Apparently, MDDHosting provides quite limited features for shared hosting users. Though it does provide some favorable features such as free setup, cPanel control panel, unlimited MySQL databases, and unlimited email accounts, some of its features are actually limited.

For instance, MDDHosting sets a 2000 daily limitation for the number of emails. For some webmasters, this limitation causes inconvenience when managing websites especially when they do business. Furthermore, the storage of the three plans is 5 GB, 10 GB, 15 GB severally, which is far from sufficient for most website managers. Plus, its premium bandwidth is also limited to 250 GB, 500 GB and 750 GB while many web hosts always provide unlimited bandwidth.

MDDHosting Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

MDDHosting provides US-based phone call support, and customers can also get in touch with its support center via ticket system. Besides, the firm presents a knowledgebase, where hundreds of articles and FAQs can be found. The knowledgebase enables customers to solve some general problems and general problems only.

Unlike other hosting companies, MDDHosting does not offer live chat. Therefore, when facing some thorny and urgent issues, you have to dial its phone number because the ticket system is the slowest way to get solutions.

All in all, it is not wise to choose MDDHosting to host your websites. With the same cost, you certainly can get a more cost-effective, reliable, fast hosting service as well as a more helpful and professional technical support.