Linode Coupon & Promotion 2018

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Lionde now offers a special offer for readers using the unique LINODE10 promo code. By placing the LINODE10 code in the check box, webmasters are able to get a $10 reduction on Linode 1GB VPS hosting plan.

Regularly, Linode prices its nine VPS hosting plans from $10/mo to $960/mo. But now, it offers a one-month free service for the entry-level Linode 1GB plan. In this way, people are able to save 10 bucks at least. However, attention should be paid that there are many add-up fees for some crucial and even essential features.

Linode only supports a 7-day money back guarantee, which is less secure and risk-free than most web hosts. What's worse, the Linode customers are required to pay additional five bucks for cancelling their accounts.

Linode is absolutely a budget VPS hosting choice. However, the barebone VPS only works for developers and techies familiar with shell command. For almost common users, a managed VPS hosting plan is a better choice, such as

Linode Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret Linode coupon codes and promotions - $10 off, from $10.00/mo

  • A one-time $10 Reduction
    Starting at $10/mo, saving up to $10