LFC Hosting Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

LFC Hosting
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LFC Hosting is among the oldest web hosting providers. It was started as a software development company in 1996 and later switched to the web hosting business in 1998.

Now the company is headquartered in Regina, Canada, and offers diverse hosting solutions including shared hosting, VPS, colocation hosting and reseller hosting. However, dedicated servers are not available.

Holding quality and value in mind, LFC Hosting has received a number of positive reviews from their users mainly for the good uptime and speed. However, different voices still exist. Many users have complained much about the expensive prices of the shared web hosting plans which start at $9.95/mo.

Based on our monitoring and reviews, LFC Hosting is indeed a reliable hosting provider. But when taking the cost into account, we don't think the web hosting services are worth buying because there are many other web hosts offering much better value at an even lower pricing level. Another reason we don't rank this company among the best web hosting choices is that their features and support service are not good enough, which will be explained later
Editorial Review

LFC Hosting Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Several years ago, LFC Hosting built up their two data centers – one in Denver, Colorado, and another in Montreal, Canada. The geographical locations of the data centers ensure relatively fast speed for North America. Besides, each data center features connections from multiple bandwidth providers through BGP4.

LFC Hosting does not provide much information about the servers or network infrastructures, but according to hundreds of user reviews and our personal monitoring, the speed is quite good although not being very outstanding. The server responses take averagely no more than 500ms which you can see in the speed test below.

LFC Hosting Server Response Speed

LFC Hosting Reliability Review 3.50 of 5

LFC Hosting is not a big company, and it seems that they only have a small team of technicians managing the data centers and networks. However, the company is smart enough to develop an advanced network monitoring system which detects, reports and addresses most problems automatically. It helps save much man power.

The most excellent part of the monitoring system is that it detects not only the server outages and the usage of CPU, RAM and disk space, but also the problems with the power supply system, generator, web scripts, and the RAID arrays.

Due to the efficient monitoring system as well as the efforts of the management team, LFC Hosting has been delivering quite good uptime. The guarantee of 99.9% uptime can come true in most months. Below are some of the uptime statistics we have collected.

LFC Hosting Uptime

LFC Hosting Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

LFC Hosting offers technical support through multiple ways including live chat, phone, email and some popular social media like Twitter and Facebook. Since the support team consists of the same technicians as the operations team, the solutions offered by this web host are quite professional.

However, there are still two problems regarding technical support that stop us from giving a high rating for this aspect.
  • The waiting time is a little bit long especially when you ask for help via the email way. Sometimes it would take more than 12 hours to get a reply.
  • LFC Hosting does not offer a knowledgebase or user forum. They indeed have a blog which includes some simple tutorials, but it has not been updated for over one year.

LFC Hosting Web Hosting Pricing & Features 2.00 of 5

Currently, LFC Hosting provides 4 web hosting plans which are called Starter, Business, Corporate and Enterprise. The former 3 plans come with limited disk storage, bandwidth and websites. Here is more information about LFC Hosting plans.
  • Starter: $9.95/mo, including 2 hosted websites, 15 GB storage and 500 GB bandwidth.
  • Business: $14.95/mo, including 4 hosted websites, 25 GB storage and 750 GB bandwidth.
  • Corporate: $24.95/mo, including 8 hosted websites, 50 GB storage and 1250 GB bandwidth.
  • Enterprise: $34.95/mo, including unlimited hosted sites, storage and bandwidth.
To be honest, the prices of the plans are expensive because you can easily get the same resources at half the cost. What's worse, those prices listed above are valid for the annual terms only, and if you choose shorter terms, you pay even more. Take Starter as an example. It is priced at $12.95/mo, $11.95/mo and $10.95/mo for 1/3/6-month payments.

With such high costs, you can enjoy the following features no matter which plan you purchase.
  • Unlimited sub-domains, databases, email accounts and mailing lists.
  • Free shared SSL certificate and daily backups.
  • PHP, Perl, MySQL and many other commonly used features.
However, LFC Hosting still lacks the competitiveness in features because there are many drawbacks.
  • Some features are outdated. For example, they only offer PHP 4, while most web hosts have already adopted PHP 5. The old versions may cause compatibility issues when you use applications like WordPress.
  • LFC Hosting utilizes a self-developed control panel, while they do not offer any demo for trial.
  • SSH is not available.

Money Back Guarantee 0.50 of 5

LFC Hosting does not claim to offer a refund guarantee, and they do not have clear refund policies in the Terms of Service. This poses risks for the purchases, especially the payments of long terms.

To increase new customers' trust in them, LFC Hosting is offering a one-month free trial which seems great. However, you have to pay attention that choosing the trial means you select the monthly term. When the trial ends, you will be charged the high monthly rates automatically. The free trial does not apply to annual payments.

Good Alternatives to LFC Hosting 5.00 of 5

LFC Hosting is reliable, offering good uptime and speed, but when the high rates, outdated features and lack of money back guarantee are considered, this web host is not highly recommended.

Instead, we would suggest you choose a "modern" web hosting provider which offers much better services at more affordable prices. Below are some good choices.