Laughing Squid Web Hosting Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

Laughing Squid Web Hosting
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Laughing Squid Web Hosting is a brand operated by Laughing Squid, a company started as a film and video production company but later centering on web hosting. The web hosting services were launched in 1998 with a focus on WordPress. At present, Laughing Squid is made up of Laughing Squid Web Hosting and a blog about art, technology and culture.

As this review concentrates on web hosting only, the "Laughing Squid" mentioned below refers to Laughing Squid Web Hosting.

Laughing Squid is a cloud based web host which does not operate a data center. Since 1999, it has been using the RackSpace Cloud Sites service to serve all of the customers. Besides, Laughing Squid does not offer a standard web hosting control panel like cPanel but a web-based cloud hosting control panel.

Laughing Squid provides shared web hosting only, and all packages are designed for small content-driven websites. Any large website exceeding 10 GB disk space or 200 GB monthly data transfer is not allowed to host on the company's servers. In below, there is a detailed analysis on each aspect of Laughing Squid web hosting.
Editorial Review

Laughing Squid Web Hosting Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

Laughing Squid offers support through email. Whether you have sales queries or technical problems, you can only reach the support team by submitting the required form. During the working hours, from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Time, you can usually get a response within 5 hours.

There is no support service on the weekend, which seems unreasonable as most web hosts offer 24x7 support. Besides, support is not available during some US holidays like Memorial Day, Independence Day and New Year's Day.

The company has prepared some FAQs which can help you with the most frequent issues like email configuration and website setup. Also, it claims that they can be reached by phone, but we cannot find any phone number.

Laughing Squid Web Hosting Plans 2.00 of 5

Laughing Squid offers altogether 3 web hosting plans named Simple Squid, Micro Squid and Mega Squid respectively. The prices and the basic resource information are as below.
  • Simple Squid: Priced at $4/mo, including 1 GB disk space, 30 GB bandwidth, 1 MySQL database & 0 mailbox.
  • Micro Squid: Priced at $6/mo, including 2 GB disk space, 40 GB bandwidth, 2 MySQL databases & 5 mailboxes.
  • Mega Squid: Priced at $8/mo, including 3 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, 3 MySQL databases & 10 mailboxes.
To be honest, the resources included in the plans are quite limited although the prices are not low. If you want extra resource, additional email accounts or MySQL databases are available at $1/mo for each.

Laughing Squid does not list all the available features and technologies, but as far as we know, SSH is not allowed for any account. However, SFTP is available for all users.

Laughing Squid Speed Review 0.50 of 5

The server response speed of Laughing Squid is terrible. According to our monitoring in the past half a year, the average response time is over 3000ms, which is too bad even for shared hosting. What's worse, the speed is not stable. You can see the records of the past 24 hours in below.

Laughing Squid Server Response Speed

Laughing Squid Web Hosting Advantages 2.50 of 5

The following aspects of Laughing Squid web hosting services are worth appreciation.
  • Bills are charged on a monthly basis. Laughing Squid does not limit customers with a long-term contract. All of the plans are billed monthly, so you can cancel your account at any time without worrying about a large loss. Besides, there is no trap in which the renewal costs much more than the initial term.
  • Good uptime. Thanks to the high availability of RackSpace cloud servers, Laughing Squid has been delivering excellent reliability. Statistics show that the average uptime in the past year exceeds 99.93%. During the last 30 days, we have only detected a very short downtime.

Laughing Squid Uptime

Laughing Squid Web Hosting Disadvantages 1.00 of 5

Before signing up for any Laughing Squid web hosting plan, you must decide whether you can accept the following limitations.
  • No domain registration service. Laughing Squid does not offer domain registration service, so you must register a domain elsewhere before you can build a website up, which is not convenient for beginners.
  • Slow account setup time. In most times, it takes 24-48 hours for Laughing Squid to get your web hosting account set up. Besides, account setup is not available on the weekend.
  • Automatic upgrade. Laughing Squid has an add-on package which includes 1 GB disk space and 10 GB bandwidth. This package is priced at $4/mo. When your website reaches the resource limitation of your primary plan, the add-on package will be added to your account automatically with/without notice.
  • Only credit cards are accepted for payments. With Laughing Squid, you can pay your bills with credit cards: Visa, Master Card or American Express. Other methods like PayPal, check and money order are not allowed.
  • No refund. There is no refund guarantee available at Laughing Squid. But as all accounts are billed monthly, the lack of refund policy will not pose a great loss in any circumstance.

Better Web Hosting Options 4.50 of 5

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