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KnownHost is a small hosting provider although the domain name registered in 2005. In the recent years, it started the business and had some reputation in hosting industry. KnownHost holds the faith to provide its customers with the highest level of service and support. Besides, the company declares that all professionals have over 10 years of experience in hosting field.

The company always focuses on the supplying of VPS and dedicated hosting only. For some individual bloggers and small-traffic websites managers, KnownHost is obviously not even under consideration. KnownHost mainly promotes managed VPS hosting and managed dedicated hosting which only support Linux platform. As you can see, improvement in the product positioning is necessary because there are too many limitations to meet different users' demands.

It is undeniable that KnownHost did gain good reputation among its users in initial years. However, after testing KnownHost for months and viewing a lot of user comments, we do not think KnownHost is now a wise choice for most webmasters, which we will explain in following parts.
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Editorial Review

KnownHost Speed Review 2.00 of 5

To add credibility of this review, we collect lots of reviews about KnownHost. Also, our monitoring team has been testing its VPS for more than one month to collect the real statistics about server response and page loads. Just as most KnownHost users express, KnownHost is slower than many of its competitors.

The average time of page loading is more than 30 seconds and sometimes even over one minute, which is absolutely unacceptable for VPS users. As is known, bounce rate, conversion rate and visitor satisfaction rate of websites are closely associated with speed.

KnownHost Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

Apparently, for some overseas users, the choice of data center directly influences the connection and network. KnownHost has three data centers in Central (TX), East Coast and West Coast respectively. So customers can choose the right one according to their locations for better performance. In terms of stability, its performance is satisfactory.

But for some foreign users, they need to know that the company also rents space at the Net2EZ data center in New Jersey, which means that KnownHost may not fix some problems timely and effectively. Also, security issues may incur expectedly. After all, the company has no complete control over that data center although it does promise that it stores no clients' CC information.

KnownHost Feature Review 2.00 of 5

KnownHost offers seven managed VPS hosting plans, four SSD VPS hosting plans, and four managed dedicated hosting plans. Take its managed VPS hosting plans as an example. The average price is $65/mo, which is relatively higher than other peers. In order to weigh its cost-effectiveness, we need to show you detailed information about features.

Like other VPS hosting providers, KnownHost provides free backups and migrations. Users are given more than one alternatives like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and Magento. But in terms of resources, you may be disappointed especially considering its high prices. The most basic VPS plan has only 20 GB disk space, 2500 GB bandwidth and 512 MB guaranteed RAM, which does not worth $25/mo. Plus, even the most expensive VPS-7, priced high to $120/mo, has only 5632 MB RAM and 150 GB disk space.

KnownHost Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

It is a time-consuming task to keep a server running in top condition, and it is inevitable for webmasters to encounter some thorny problems when managing websites. Therefore, getting professional and timely technical support is particularly important. However, KnownHost does not provide satisfactory technical support.

The company offers ticket system, by which customers can contact the support center via email. The most notable point is that KnownHost does not provide live chat and phone call support, which may bring some trouble to users. After all, you cannot predict when you will encounter urgent issues, and delayed responses and solutions may make losses.