KnownHost Coupon & Promotion 2018

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There is a 15% discount offered by KnownHost, which only applies to some of its managed VPS plans. By pasting this KH15LIFE coupon code in the checkbox during shopping, readers are able to get the price down to $34.

In regards to products, KnowHost offers up to 7 VPS hosting plans ranging from VPS-1 to VPS-7, which come with different resources accordingly. For different recurring terms or billing circles, this company sets the plans at fluctuate prices. Take the VPS-2 as an example, it charges for $35, $102 and $400 for monthly, quarterly and yearly registration. Note that there is added-up $5/mo fee for cPanel control panel.

With KH15LIFE promo code, the total prices for VPS-2 plan are down to $34, $99.45 and $391. In this way, registrants are able to save $6, $17.55 and $69 respectively. And they are allowed to pay through Credit Card and PayPal gateways. Note that people are obliged to pay due fees, or they will be fined a late fee of $25 and their accounts will be suspended in the meantime.

As for cancellation policy, KnownHost guarantees a 30-day refund, which should be submitted a minimum of 7 days prior to the coming renewal term and claimed from the specified billing department via users' main email address.

KnownHost Coupon Codes

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