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IWF Hosting
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IWF Hosting is a branch of H4Y Technologies LLC, a web hosting company founded in 2001. It was formerly named iWebFusion Technologies LLC and got acquired in 2009.

With years of development, IWF Hosting now offers various Linux based hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, dedicated servers and collocation services. The goal that the company holds is to offer dependable and affordable hosting service for clients around the world.

In fact, IWF Hosting is a fairly small provider with a very limited customer base. Even the independent official Twitter account has not been updated for almost a whole year. Besides, although the company has been proud of themselves for ultra reliability, our monitoring does not show us the expected results. Their uptime is somewhat poor.

Then, here comes the question: is IWF Hosting really a reliable choice for shared hosting? Our answer is NO. In below, we have made all-round analyses on the company's shared web hosting services from which you can see why we came to such a conclusion.
Editorial Review

IWF Hosting Speed Review 3.00 of 5

IWF Hosting uses 5 data centers, one on the east coast (Charlotte, NC), two on the west coast (Los Angeles, CA and Roseburg, OR), and another one in the central area (Monticello, IA). As each data center has its own usage, only the ones located on the west coast are used for shared hosting.

According to the company, the bandwidth capacity and network redundancy are good, but no further information about the network infrastructure is offered. Besides, only existing customers can access the network status page.

The only piece of good news is that IWF Hosting has been partnering with CloudFlare to offer each customer with a free CDN, which accelerates the content delivery to some extent.

To get reliable stats, we have kept monitoring IWF Hosting server response for some time. As a result, we find that the company's speed is good, satisfying for hosting small blogs and websites. Below is a small piece of the monitoring results.

IWF Hosting Server Response Speed

IWF Hosting Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

IWF Hosting says that they are ultra reliable by offering an SLA of 99.9% server uptime. If any shared server is not covered in the guarantee, the user is entitled to ask for a pro-rated credit. The approval and amount of the credit are at the web host's sole discretion. Also, 100% uptime is guaranteed for the network connectivity.

Power redundancy and data center monitoring are well ensured, but it seems that IWF Hosting has not built excellent servers. There is no way to find the specifications of the servers, and according to the server uptime published on the company's official site and our monitoring results, some servers are having frequent downtimes, which is disappointing.

Here is a screenshot of IWF Hosting official stats.

IWF Hosting Official Uptime Stats

And below are the stats collected by our monitoring system.

IWF Hosting Uptime Monitoring Results

IWF Hosting Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

For sales contact, there are multiple ways including tickets, phone and live chat, but when it comes to technical support, things are more limited and concentrated. For most support requests, you are required to reach the support team only by opening a ticket in the customer portal.

Based on our trials, responses for tickets are not bad, usually within an hour, but the response is just a response with some words like "We're working on the issue" instead of a practical solution. A real support staff always comes slowly.

We would not speak highly of the technical support offered by IWF Hosting. Besides the inefficiency of tickets, the following facts are also the reasons.
  • Live chat and phone are not widely accepted for asking for technical support.
  • Compared with leading web hosting providers which offer extensive written materials for self-assistance, IWF Hosting has a very small knowledgebase with no more than 80 articles. Besides, there is no hosting tips or video tutorial available.

IWF Hosting Shared Hosting Plans 3.00 of 5

IWF Hosting offers 5 shared hosting plans to ensure scalability. You can see the brief pricing and resource information of the plans in the list below.
  • Starter: $4.16/mo, including 16 hosted domains, 10 parked domains, 100 subdomains, 10 GB disk storage and 100 GB bandwidth.
  • Standard: $7/mo, including 26 hosted domains, 20 parked domains, 150 subdomains, 13 GB disk storage and 130 GB bandwidth.
  • Medium: $9.6/mo, including 51 hosted domains, 50 parked domains, 200 subdomains, 16 GB disk storage and 160 GB bandwidth.
  • Large: $11.58/mo, including 19 GB disk storage, 190 GB bandwidth, unlimited hosted domains, parked domains and subdomains.
  • Huge: $14.87/mo, including 30 GB disk storage, 300 GB bandwidth and everything else in Large.
The prices mentioned in the list are for monthly billing, and if you choose semi-annual or annual billing, you can get a small discount. For example, for the Starter plan, the semi-annual price is $24 in total, and the annual price is $45. However, you should know that there is no free domain, site builder or marketing package in any of the plans.

IWF Hosting shared hosting plans are feature rich, with many useful tools and features included for free. Below are some of the features available in all the plans.
  • cPanel 11 and Softaculous installer.
  • Free backups performed automatically twice a day, and hotlink protection.
  • Unlimited IMAP, SMTP, POP3 accounts, auto responders, spam filter and mailing list.
  • PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and CGI.

IWF Hosting Refund Guarantee 1.50 of 5

The company's refund policies are unfriendly. 60 days money back is guaranteed, which is calculated from the time of purchase, but if you request a cancellation after the first 30 days, then the cancellation will take effect on the renewal date, which means the hosting fee for the initial term will not be refunded. Besides, you should know that:
  • IWF Hosting does not offer any refund for payments made via checks, money orders, Western Union Payments and Band Wire Transfers.
  • The money back guarantee for VPS is 7 days, and that for dedicated server is 1 day.

Other Notices 2.00 of 5

Before using the hosting services offered by IWF Hosting, you must pay extra attention to the following facts especially the later 4 ones in the list because any violation could lead to a suspension or termination of the hosting account.
  • SSH is disabled by default. If you want the feature, you have to contact the support team to enable it for you.
  • You cannot use banner ads on your website.
  • Many scripts and software are not allowed on shared servers, including IRC scripts, image scripts, and investment sites. IRC scripts are not even acceptable on VPS or dedicated servers.
  • Sending bulk emails will get your account terminated immediately without notice.
  • You cannot run any Cron entry with an interval of less than 15 minutes or run any MySQL query for more than 15 seconds.

Better Options for Shared Web Hosting 5.00 of 5

With the analyses above, now you should have seen clearly why we made the conclusion at the beginning of this review that IWF Hosting is not a good choice for shared hosting. The poor performance in uptime and support and the unreasonable refund policies get the company a low score in value.

In fact, there are many US based shared hosting providers which are more experienced and reliable than IWF Hosting. If you want some recommendations, we'd suggest the following three which offer not only professional shared hosting services, but also affordable VPS and dedicated server.