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Established in 1995, Intermedia is a provider of various essential IT services that are needed by SMBs (small and medium sized businesses), including hosted exchange, voice services, instant messaging, file sharing, backups, cloud servers, and web hosting plans. Now the company is serving more than 70,000 businesses with approximately 700 employees.

This review only targets the Intermedia web hosting services and analyzes the pricing, reliability, speed, technical support as well as the company's pros and cons in other aspects. Since Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting are available, both services have been taken into reviews.

Before presenting any detail of our analyses, we have to say that Intermedia is a reliable choice for web hosting, but it is not one of the best for either Linux or Windows web hosting due to the too-expensive price, limited features, lack of refund guarantee, and the mediocre speed.
Editorial Review

Intermedia Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Intermedia is a large company based in the US, with additional offices in the UK, Australia and Russia. However, being such an international provider, the company does not offer any information about the locations of their data centers.

Intermedia claims to guarantee the performance of their web hosting services mainly by minimizing the network latency and maximizing the processing capability. The former goal is achieved by the cooperation with multiple Internet providers which shortens the path between customers' data and their users, and the latter is backed by Dell PowerEdge servers with excessive resources and 10k drives.

These facts almost convinced us that Intermedia could provide blazing-fast hosting speed. However, our monitoring has told another story. The company's servers and networks are not slow, but they are not fast, either. The average page loading time is over 3 seconds, and server responses take more than 450ms.

Intermedia Server Response Speed

Intermedia Reliability Review 3.50 of 5

Intermedia web hosting is based on a cloud platform which features high availability. This is why the company guarantees 99.999% uptime SLA with less than 6-minute unscheduled downtime throughout an entire year. If the guarantee fails in a month, you are able to ask for compensation from the provider. Note that how much the compensation is and how it will be issued are not clarified on any part of the company's official site.

Intermedia has developed an architecture named Four Quadrant Design in which each quadrant uses dedicated hardware and VMware cluster so as to isolate any infrastructure failure and guarantee the service availability. This architecture also protects users' data against corruption.

Besides, there are other factors that contribute to good uptime, including redundant cooling and electrical infrastructures, as well as full network redundancy.

With these facilities and technologies, Intermedia is able to deliver quite good uptime which is about 99.95% on average during our expert monitoring. Although not reaching the guarantee yet, this percentage is better than the industry average indeed.

Intermedia Uptime

Intermedia Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Intermedia provides 24x7 technical support through phone and tickets. A live chat entry is also offered on the official site, but it is accessible on business hours only (9 AM to 8 PM EST from Monday to Friday) and is available for pre-sale questions instead of after-sale support.

The company guarantees quick responses for phone calls which average 60 seconds. Besides, the support representatives are claimed to be all Microsoft certified, with sufficient knowledge to deal with all kinds of problems.

We held high expectations about Intermedia support because they wished every user to do so. However, the reality is a little bit different, as the support team is not as responsive as advertised. Tickets are replied within about 4 hours, and phones are picked up in 2 minutes.

In addition, there are other demerits of Intermedia technical support.
  • Since the company puts more emphasis on Windows web hosting than Linux web hosting, the support for the latter does not seem with the same quality as the former.
  • All web hosting plans come with limits for support. Additional contacts are charged $9.95/mo for each.

Intermedia Linux Web Hosting 2.00 of 5

Intermedia offers 4 Linux web hosting plans which come with most of the features you may need, such as PHP 5, MySQL 5, Apache 2.0, Perl, CGI, JSP, and unlimited FTP accounts. However, we do not think any of these plans is of high value due to the following reasons.

Expensive prices

All of Intermedia Linux web hosting plans are priced highly considering the resources and features they include. You can take a look at the prices in the screenshot below.

Intermedia Linux Web Hosting Price

At these prices, the plans include quite limited resources, and what's worse, no matter which billing cycle you choose, you have to pay an additional setup fee.
  • QuickWeb: $10 setup fee, 5 GB disk storage, 20 GB bandwidth, and 10 email accounts with 1 GB storage in total.
  • Basic: $25 setup fee, 10 GB disk storage, 100 GB bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts with 2 GB storage in total.
  • Standard: $25 setup fee, 20 GB disk storage, 200 GB bandwidth and 3 GB email storage.
  • Advanced: $25 setup fee, 30 GB disk storage, 300 GB bandwidth and 4 GB email storage.

Limitations in features

Intermedia Linux web hosting plans are not feature rich not only because of the limited resources, but also due to the custom control panel and lack of important features like SSH.

Although the company claims to offer the best control panel for Linux web hosting users, it does not utilize cPanel, and instead, a custom control panel named HostPilot is the only choice.

HostPilot comes with an icon-based interface which makes the management of multiple Intermedia services easy. However, you must know that this control panel is not specially designed for web hosting, so the features for web hosting management are limited. The experience of managing databases, uploading files and creating cron jobs with HostPilot is not as easy as being with cPanel.

Intermedia Windows Web Hosting 2.00 of 5

Just like the Linux web hosting, Intermedia provides 4 Windows web hosting plans, too, and prices them at quite high rates. As most leading Windows hosting providers offer entry plans at less than $10/mo, Intermedia almost doubles the prices. You can learn the basic information about the plans in below.

Intermedia Windows Web Hosting Plans

In addition to what shown above, the 4 plans include 2/3/4/5 GB email storage and 100/200/300/400 GB bandwidth respectively. $25 one-time setup fee is required for each plan.

With Intermedia, you are able to purchase extra resources and features. However, the problem is that the prices are very high, which could exceed your budget soon.
  • Bandwidth: $1.2/mo per GB.
  • Disk storage/email storage: $5/mo per 25 MB.
  • Memory: $25/mo per 256 MB.
  • Domain redirects: $5/mo for each.
In terms of other features, all plans come with HostPilot control panel, Windows server 2008, ASP.NET 1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0, MSSQL 2008, ASP.NET MVC 2.0, Silverlight, LINQ, AJAX, isolated application pools, etc.

The available features can meet most users' needs, but as you may have noticed, Intermedia does not always offer the latest versions of Windows technologies like Windows server 2012, ASP.NET 4.5 and ASP.NET MVC 5. If you need these newer versions, this company is not a good hosting option. Besides, the control panel is also an obvious demerit.

In fact, there are far more limitations coming with Intermedia Windows hosting plans especially the Basic plan. Although Basic is priced about $20/mo, it:
  • Includes 1 application pool, and allows 2 apps and virtual directories only.
  • Does not support PHP.
  • Does not include MSSQL/MySQL database by default. If you need one, you have to pay $10/mo for 1 database with 200 MB storage.
  • Charges $10/mo for the creation of 301 redirects.

Better Web Hosts to Choose 5.00 of 5

Intermedia does not offer quality web hosting services, so it is not a worthwhile choice for either Linux web hosting or Windows web hosting. Besides, as the company has not announced any refund guarantee, we don't suggest a purchase with it.

If you want to host sites easily on a reliable Linux hosting platform, pick a web host from our list of best Linux hosting providers. And if what you need is an affordable Windows hosting package, check the offerings of the following web hosts.