HostWinds Coupon & Promotion 2018

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HostWinds offers different coupons for different products. Many coupon sites do not state the restrictions in order to earn more clicks, but we do! Here, we have collected the best coupons and sorted them based on their usage. Just copy the one you need and start saving today.

Coupons for Shared, Business & Reseller Hosting

The coupon codes below all apply to HostWinds shared hosting, business hosting and reseller hosting plans. Theoretically, they can also be used for VPS and dedicated server packages because if you paste any of them into the promo code box of the two kinds of products, the system tells that you have applied the discount to your cart successfully. But the truth is that nothing changes, neither the effective price nor the renewal rate.
  • off99m: 99% one-time discount, with which the price of a shared hosting plan is as low as $0.04/mo.
  • 1centhosting: 99% one-time discount.
  • justfor1: $1 off per order. Most coupon sites say that you can buy a hosting package at $1 with this coupon, which is not true.

Coupons for VPS Hosting Only

  • 25offwinds/crazy25: 25% off per order.
  • off15vps: 15% discount for any VPS package.

50% Off for Dedicated Servers

There is no coupon code available for getting a reduction of HostWinds dedicated servers, but by calling the company's sales team at 1-855-467-8946, you can claim a 50% discount. The minimum cost of a dedicated server is $99/mo.

A Special Note About HostWinds Coupons

All of HostWinds coupons, as well as the 50% discount for dedicated servers, are only valid for one-month subscriptions. There is completely no discount for other billing cycles or account renewals.

HostWinds Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret HostWinds coupon codes and promotions - 99% discount, from $0.04/mo

  • 99% One-Time Discount
    Get 99% off for shared, business and reseller hosting.
  • 25% Discount for VPS Hosting
    Get 25% off for one-month terms of VPS packages.