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HostMySite is a US based web hosting provider that has been in the market for more than 10 years. Once it was a great company with a very good reputation, but since the acquisition in 2011, HostMySite has received an increasing number of negative reviews due to the dramatic decline of the service quality and technical support.

Back into 2011, HostMySite was still in a quick expansion, hosting over 100,000 domains for happy customers around the world. But in the past 4 years, the company constantly lost customers – more than a half has gone. Web hosting forums and review sites are now full of bitter complaints.

Soon after becoming a division of, a provider of high-end managed cloud services, HostMySite planned to terminate their shared hosting and VPS solutions and tried to force customers to upgrade to a cloud, but the transformation failed as most users later turned to another provider. After realizing the failure, the company has made efforts to improve their shared and VPS services in order to get some customers back.

At present, HostMySite offers a wide series of hosting products, including:
This review focuses on shared hosting to figure out whether the company has made true improvements to their products which were popular.
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Editorial Review

HostMySite Speed Review 3.00 of 5

HostMySite uses 6 data centers all of which are located in the US and owned by The data centers are strategically located across the country, and the locations include San Francisco, CA, Irvine, CA, Denver, CO, Louisville, KY, Dallas, TX and Newark, DE. This ensures that users around the US are well connected.

The network infrastructures of the data centers are also good. Each server is accessible through 6 Tier 1 bandwidth providers with Gigabit Internet connections to minimize connectivity issues. Besides, the data centers utilize redundant routing and switching.

Backed by the facilities, HostMySite is doing well in speed. Page loads are satisfying on the whole with seldom latency. And the server response is quite fast in most times. We always get records similar to the following screenshot during the monitoring.

HostMySite Server Response Speed

HostMySite Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

HostMySite once was reliable and can ensure excellent uptime. In its history, the most serious and frequent downtimes happened in the first 2 years after the acquisition. Servers were always down, and there were endless server errors. What's worse, the support team did not help to resolve the issues, which disappointed a large number of users.

Now HostMySite offers several guarantees for uptime to increase potential customers' faith, including:
  • 100% uptime for network. 5% monthly hosting fee will be credited for every 30-minute downtime.
  • 100% uptime for power and HVAC system. 5% hosting fee is credited for per 30-minute downtime caused by critical system failure.
  • 1-hour hardware replacement. A credit of 5% hosting fee will be issued to your account for each additional 30 minutes. Note that the replacement time begins to be calculated only when the cause of the problem is successfully figured out.
However, these guarantees do not make much sense because downtimes are still a big issue of HostMySite shared and VPS products. The uptime has barely reached 99.9% in the past 2 years. Read the recent records in below.

HostMySite Uptime

HostMySite Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

HostMySite offers many useful self-help resources with which beginners can easily learn basic management skills and address some simple problems. These resources include:
  • A system status page with reports for major server issues.
  • A knowledgebase with more than 900 articles covering DNS, email, eCommerce, billing, etc.
Besides, 24x7 real human being support is available, which is managed by a support team based in Newark, DE. You can ask for assistance through tickets, live chat and phone.

However, HostMySite is not what it used to be, and the support representatives are not knowledgeable even about the products. The waiting time is long, and your tickets might be ignored until you send another one. You simply cannot count on the so-called technicians to help you fix your email issues or reset your VPS.

HostMySite Web Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

There are 4 shared hosting plans in total, named Basic, Pro, Pro Commerce and Pro Fusion. The former 2 plans are for ordinary use, while the latter ones are designed specifically for building online stores and hosting ColdFusion. All the plans include unlimited bandwidth and 500 email accounts.

The price and resource information is as follows.
  • Basic: Starting at $8/mo, including 1 website, 5 GB storage and 10 databases.
  • Pro: Starting at $16/mo, including 10 websites, unlimited storage and unlimited databases.
  • Pro Commerce: Starting at $24/mo, including all features of the Pro plan, as well as an SSL certificate.
  • Pro Fusion: Starting at $24/mo, including 1 website and all other features of the Pro plan.
The prices introduced above are the biennial prices. If you choose the monthly term, the cost would be 50% higher – $12/mo for Basic, $24/mo for Pro, and $36/mo for the other 2 plans.

Now the company is offering a time-limited 30% discount for any billing cycle, with which you can buy the Basic plan at $5.6/mo and Pro plan at $11.2/mo. This discount applies to the initial term only.

Pros of HostMySite Shared Hosting 3.50 of 5

When using the shared hosting plans, you can enjoy the convenience brought by the following advantages.
  • Choice of operating system. For Basic and Pro, you can select either Linux or Windows as the operating system, which is quite flexible.
  • Auto-installation of applications. HostMySite offers an application catalog which installs the popular scripts like WordPress and Drupal automatically.
  • Multiple programming features, including PHP 5.3, Perl, CGI, ASP.NET 3.0 and Classic ASP. The problem is that the versions are a little bit out-dated. For example, most web hosts now offer PHP 5.4/5.5 or ASP.NET 4.0/4.5.
  • Local SSH for Linux users, which makes remote development and management easy.

Cons of HostMySite Shared Hosting 1.00 of 5

Judging from the plans themselves, we find that they have many limitations in the features, which makes them not good choices for shared hosting. Some of the most critical disadvantages are:
  • Expensive pricing and limited resources. The Basic plan is not cost-effective at all. $8/mo is too much for hosting a single blog, not to mention the cost can even be $12/mo.
  • Strict limits for hosting eCommerce sites. You are not allowed to use Basic or Pro to build an online store. Any eCommerce application is forbidden for these plans, as online stores are only available for Pro Commerce users. Similarly, you can only host ColdFusion with the Pro Fusion plan.
  • Custom control panel. HostMySite does not provide cPanel or Plesk for shared hosting users. These 2 popular control panels are accessible to VPS users only. Besides, the company does not supply any demo for its custom-built control panel, so there is no way to try it out before completing the purchase.
  • No support for Ruby on Rails. Early in 2006, HostMySite claimed to offer Ruby on Rails soon, but until now, this programming language has not been available.
  • 100% uptime guarantee does not apply to Basic. For the primary plan, HostMySite guarantees 99.9% uptime, and there is no compensation for additional downtimes.

Better Choices for Shared Hosting 5.00 of 5

As a conclusion, HostMySite is not recommended for either shared hosting or VPS on account that the reputation, uptime and support are poor.

Instead, you can try the solutions offered by any of the following budget web hosts. They come with better support, cheaper prices and much more freedom in hosting eCommerce sites.