HostMetro Coupon & Promotion 2018

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HostMetro exclusive coupon is available now. The latest coupon code as below is valid for a limited time for customers to get a 20% discount off HostMetro web hosting plans. Anyone who uses this coupon code can get the discount, no matter he is a new customer or an existing one of HostMetro.

HostMetro Pricing with Coupon

HostMetro has 2 web hosting plans called Mega Max and Business Max which are known for cheap price and max hosting services. Regularly, the price of these 2 plans starts from $2.45/mo and $3.95/mo respectively. Now using the lifetime coupon code in the check-out, customers have access to the plans at much cheaper price starting from only $1.96/3.16/mo.

PriceMega MaxBusiness Max

Readers might know that HostMetro coupon works not only for the initial payment, but also for renewal. Backed by HostMetro unique Lowest Renewal Guarantee, HostMetro customers using the coupon will never suffer from higher renewal fee than the initial one. For example, if somebody has signed a 3-year Mega Max plan at $1.96/mo, then (s)he only needs to pay $1.96/mo in renewal, instead of the regular $3.49/mo or higher. That is one of the most important reasons why we recommend HostMetro for personal demands.

HostMetro Hosting Extras

In addition to low renewal rate, HostMetro also provides a bunch of extras to save hundreds of USD for customers, including:
  • Free domain name and FREE domain privacy, which are priced for more than $24/year elsewhere.
  • 2 free website builders - Trendy Site Builder & RVSiteBuilder are offered with both the plans for free.
  • 45 days full money back guarantee. For any reason a customer are not satisfied with HostMetro hosting services, HostMetro refunds the full hosting cost.
  • Free $100 Google ads credits - helpful especially for small businesses planning to advertise on Google search.

HostMetro Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret HostMetro coupon codes and promotions - 20% discount, from $2.45/mo to $4.95/mo

  • Exclusvie 20% Off
    Starting at $1.96/mo, saving up to $18

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