HostMantis Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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HostMantis is a provider of shared hosting, premium SSD hosting, VPS, dedicated server and reseller hosting. The company was established as PlexiHost, but in 2010, they changed the brand name and updated the offerings in order to gain a better position in the industry.

Having been in the market for a couple of years, HostMantis is still in a small size with a fairly small customer base. The largest highlight of the company is cheap prices. For instance, you can get a shared plan at less than $2/mo and a reseller plan at no more than $5/mo. The prices are attractive, but how about the features, performance and support?

During 2010 to 2013, there was nearly no negative comment for HostMantis because the uptime was excellent and the support was responsive. However, since the early months of 2014, we have seen increasing criticisms upon the decline of service quality. The uptime became bad, and the support representatives were rude.

In this HostMantis review, we put emphasis on the Linux shared hosting to reveal the truths of the company's services. All the stats used below are based on our real monitoring.
Editorial Review

HostMantis Speed Review 3.00 of 5

HostMantis places their servers in 4 data centers which are located in Detroit, MI, Los Angeles, CA, Lenoir, NC and Amsterdam, NL. The company owns the server hardware, but they do not operate any of the data centers. They only perform off-site monitoring on the servers.

According to HostMantis, their network is equipped with full redundancy and powered by Cisco network cores. However, there is no further information that can work as an evidence for the company's excellence in speed. The details like the names of the bandwidth providers and the capacity of the network are not revealed.

To get the real stats, we have kept monitoring the server response of HostMantis. The records show that the company is doing well in most times despite occasional latency. The utilization of CloudLinux OS and CloudFlare CDN should have contributed much.

HostMantis Server Response Speed

HostMantis Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

There are many complaints about the uptime of HostMantis. Some servers are constantly down, but the support staff sometimes just ignores the issues and offers an excuse that the servers and all websites hosted on them are fine. What's worse, many users have been blamed by the staff for the downtime of their websites, which is unreasonable.

HostMantis maintains a system status page, but unlike most other providers which make the page publicly accessible, HostMantis only allows existing customers to access the page. The company does claim all their data centers feature redundancy in power supply, but they refuse to offer details about the facilities.

During our monitoring, HostMantis has seldom delivered 99.9% uptime. For most months, the average uptime is around 99.85%.

HostMantis Uptime

HostMantis Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

HostMantis technical support is only available through the knowledgebase and ticket system. However, the knowledgebase is very restricted, including no more than 300 tutorials. Usually, a mature web host offers thousands of written tutorials as well as video tutorials.

According to our experience and user reviews, HostMantis does not provide good support services. The main reasons are listed in below.
  • Some of the support staffs are rude and rush, with no respect for the customers.
  • There is no possibility to ask for instant support through phone or live chat.

HostMantis Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing 3.00 of 5

Regarding shared hosting, there are 4 plans named Entry, Starter, Advanced and Expert. Except for the Entry plan which supports 1 domain only, all other plans allow you to host an unlimited number of websites. Below is other basic information about the plans.
  • Entry: $1.29/mo, including 2 GB storage, 20 GB bandwidth, 2 databases, 1 FTP account, 5 sub-domains, 3 parked domains and 5 email accounts.
  • Starter: $2.49/mo, including 15 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth, and unlimited databases and email accounts.
  • Advanced: $4.49/mo, including 30 GB storage, 300 GB bandwidth and everything in Starter.
  • Expert: $6.49/mo, including 50 GB storage, 500 GB bandwidth and everything in Advanced.
Besides, using any of the plans, you can get access to the following features.
  • cPanel control panel and Softaculous installer.
  • MySQL with phpMyAdmin access.
  • PHP 5.2/5.3/5.4/5.5, Perl, Python and SSI.
If you want better performance, you can also purchase HostMantis premium plans. The plans have the same names and resources as the normal shared hosting plans, while they are $1/mo more expensive and include SSD storage.

Considering the features and allotted resources, HostMantis offerings are just too good to be true. Therefore, we will still make clear of the hidden drawbacks.

Drawbacks of HostMantis Web Hosting Plans 1.00 of 5

Before making a purchase from HostMantis, you must pay attention to the following factors.
  • The risk of fake abuses. Many HostMantis users nowadays complain that they have frequently received abuse reports although the usage has not hit the limitation.
  • Lack of some important features. HostMantis gives little support to Ruby on Rails, and SSH is not allowed on the shared hosting platform.
  • No prorated refund. Any refund is impossible for cancellations after the first 30 days.
  • No extras. HostMantis does not offer any extra like free domain or ad credits.

Better Shared Hosting Choices 4.50 of 5

HostMantis is good only for those who are in need of an extremely cheap plan without caring about uptime or support.

So if you want a more reliable shared hosting solution, we would suggest the following providers. They are a little bit more expensive than HostMantis indeed, but they are all reliable, fast, and offer 24x7 support through tickets, live chat and phone.