HostClear Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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As a US-based web hosting company started in 2009, HostClear has always been offering a single premium shared hosting package that includes unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, etc.

Unlike most web hosts on the market that provide various hosting solutions and other online services to satisfy as many customers' demands as possible, HostClear only focuses on the shared hosting package, so it's impossible to purchase a VPS, a dedicated server, reseller hosting or standalone domains from this company.

The web hosting service offered by HostClear is cheap and rich-featured at the first glimpse. But after digging deep, we've found many limitations and disadvantages inside the service which may affect your choice. More details are included in the reviews below.
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Editorial Review

HostClear Speed Review 2.50 of 5

HostClear doesn't make any promise to the hosting speed. According to the official information, the company is partnering with CyrusOne for data center services, and all their servers are housed in a data center located in Houston, TX.

Except for this piece of information, HostClear hasn't released any other detail to convince potential customers that their service is fast. No SSDs, no free CDN, and no information about the bandwidth providers. Besides, the company doesn't provide a way for you to test the speed.

Our monitoring has shown that the page loads are acceptable at most times, but sometimes very low, taking over 5 seconds. The results are reflected by the following statistics about the company's server response times.

HostClear Server Response Time

HostClear Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

HostClear promises 99.9% uptime, and they say that they may issue a credit equaling one-month hosting fee for failures of the guarantee. According to monitoring, the company can indeed deliver such good uptime, but in some months, the average uptime still falls below what guaranteed. An example is given in below.

HostClear Uptime

As far as we know, a big concern regarding HostClear uptime is that the company may migrate customers' accounts to another data center without notice. They call this as a necessary "upgrade". However, if this occurs to you, you might experience a big downtime due to the migration.

HostClear Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

HostClear has maintained a knowledgebase in which you can find the solutions to a large number of commonly asked questions, such as the account setup, database creation and email setup. So you are suggested to search the knowledgebase when you have an issue.

If you cannot get any help through the knowledgebase, then you can contact the company's support team by submitting a ticket or sending an email with descriptions of your problem. Alternatively, you are able to get in touch via phone and live chat.

Besides the standard support, HostClear support team offers assisted website transfers as a courtesy. However, the availability of this service, and the success of each transfer are not promised.

HostClear Price & Feature Review 3.50 of 5

As mentioned above, HostClear only offers shared hosting, and only one package is available. This package, named Premium, is always discounted for the initial purchase of the first-time accounts. Now with a 50% discount, you can buy the package at $2.99/mo, $3.99/mo and $4.99/mo for 3/2/1 year(s). No monthly billing is allowed.

These prices are quite affordable considering the features which will be introduced below, but you need to pay attention to the renewal prices which are $5.98/mo, $7.98/mo and $9.98/mo.

At such prices, Premium comes with some freebies including a free .com/.org/.net domain name, and $100 credits for Yahoo/Bing search.

Another highlight of the package is that it includes quite rich features. By purchasing this package, you gain access to most of the features you will need to host websites, such as:
  • The cPanel control panel with a simplified interface and easy-to-use tools.
  • Unlimited hosted domains, disk storage, bandwidth, and MySQL databases.
  • Unlimited email accounts with autoresponders, email forwarding and spam filters.
  • A free drag-and-drop website builder with over 1000 templates.
  • PHP, cURL, FastCGI, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, SSH, and Cron Jobs.
Except for these features, however, the following things are worth notices.
  • You cannot install scripts through the Softaculous installer because this tool is not available.
  • PostgreSQL is not allowed on all HostClear servers.
  • With HostClear, the data safety is completely your own responsibility. The company does offer automatic backups, but the backup is performed once a week and overwrites any existing backup copy. Besides, this service may be terminated by the provider at any time.
  • There are no clear statements about the usage limitations of the disk space and bandwidth.

HostClear Money Back Guarantee 1.00 of 5

HostClear guarantees refunds for all accounts terminated within 45 days of activation. Those who are qualified for a refund must send a written request to the support team to ask their money back.

Note that only first-time accounts are eligible for refunds, so account renewals, and the second account you create with the company are not covered by the guarantee. Besides, for payments via checks, money orders and bank wire transfers, HostClear offers account credits as a refund.

According to a number of user reviews, there is a big problem with HostClear when it comes to refunds – you can rarely get your money back. When you request a refund, the support team might offer a very slow reply telling that they will refund your money, but you may not receive any refund after even two months.

Shared Hosting Alternatives 5.00 of 5

HostClear shared hosting package is cheap indeed since it supports unlimited domains, but the miserable speed, not-so-good technical support and lack of upgrade options are good reasons for you to consider a better web host.

In this case, we have the following recommendations which are all among the best Linux web hosting providers. You can check their offerings and then compare them with HostClear to make a better choice.