HostClear Coupon & Promotion 2018

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HostClear has been providing an all-inclusive shared hosting plan since the establishment. At present, there is a 50% official discount for everyone visiting the company's website, with which the price of the plan decreases to $2.99/mo only.

However, is this the only discount offered by this web host? And with such a low price, is the HostClear web hosting plan good to buy? In below, we will introduce and analyze all the available discounts from HostClear.

50% Off Shared Hosting for Regular Visitors

If you visit the HostClear website now, you will be excited to find that the company is offering a 50% discount for all the billing cycles including 1 month, 1 year, 2 years and 3 years. The discount, along with the low $2.99/mo hosting fee, is quite attractive to shared hosting users.

However, while enjoying the low rate, you also have to pay attention to the not-so-cheap price for the monthly term and the expensive renewal fees. Below are the details.
  • 3-year term: $2.99/mo, 50% off the regular $5.98/mo.
  • 2-year term: $3.99/mo, 50% off the regular $7.98/mo.
  • 1-year term: $4.99/mo, 50% off the regular $9.98/mo.
  • 1-month term: $6.99/mo, 50% off the regular $13.98/mo.
To be honest, the hosting cost for the monthly term, especially the renewal, is much too high.

60%/70% Hidden Discount

HostClear doesn't boast these discounts on its homepage. We call them "hidden" because only when you stay on the checkout page for quite a long time, can you see the special popup that provides you the 60%-off special offer. With this discount, HostClear web hosting plan is purchasable at an even lower price of $2.39/mo. The prices of the shorter terms, then, become $3.19/mo, $3.99/mo and $5.59/mo.

What's more surprising is that if you stay a little longer, the company may even provide you with a 70% discount which reduces the costs of its plan to $1.79/mo, $2.39/mo, $2.99/mo, and $4.19/mo.

More Options for Cheap Hosting

It is undeniable that HostClear provides affordable shared hosting, but the detailed HostClear review tells that the company doesn't do well in some aspects like refunds and speed. Therefore, we suggest you check more hosting options before making a purchase.

The following web hosts are worth consideration due to the low prices and quality services.

HostClear Coupon Codes

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  • 50% Official Discount
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  • 60%/70% Off Shared Hosting
    Get 60%/70% hidden discount from HostClear.