Hostable Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Hostable is a US-based hosting provider that is claimed to be founded in 2001. With 15 years' history, however, the company is still in a quite small size with a few thousands of websites hosted on their servers.

The company has been focusing on low-cost personal hosting services. Due to this reason, they offer only one shared hosting plan and don't provide any possibility for upgrade. Once you start using their hosting service, you cannot scale your resources or get more server control by purchasing a VPS or dedicated server.

We have carefully learned the single hosting plan offered by Hostable and tested the performance and support. Based on the information, now we present this Hostable review from multiple aspects including the company's speed, reliability, technical support, and price.
Editorial Review

Hostable Speed Review 3.00 of 5

There are some complaints about the hosting speed delivered by Hostable. But according to the past months' monitoring, we find that the company's web hosting service is generally fast, with short server response times that are less than 400ms at most times. A small disadvantage is that the speed lacks good stability. The hosted websites can slow down suddenly for a few seconds or minutes due to unexpected server issues.

Besides, all customers' websites are served from a data center in Arizona. The data center is owned and operated by Hostable. No information about the network infrastructure is offered on the company's official site.

In below, we will show our recent monitoring of Hostable server response speed.

Hostable Server Response Speed

Hostable Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

As is mentioned before, Hostable operates and maintains their own data center. To improve the service reliability, the company equips the data center with N+2 power redundancy, N+1 redundant cooling system, backup generators, and 24x7 engineer monitoring.

However, the facts say that Hostable hasn't done enough in improving the security and reliability of their servers and networks. There were several hacking issues reported which caused high server load and unbearably slow speed. The attacks affected a large number of the hosted websites.

In addition, Hostable cannot provide good uptime sometimes. For example, they didn't reach 99.9% in the uptime percentage of the last month, which you can see in below.

Hostable Uptime

Hostable Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

After opening up an account with Hostable, you can access their technical support via multiple channels when you need help with your hosting account. The available channels include phone, email and live chat. All of these channels are easy-to-use so you can make a free choice.

The varied ways to get in touch with the support team are a value-adding point of Hostable web hosting service. However, the following things can still lower the rating given to the company's technical support.
  • The knowledgebase is small, covering very limited topics, and the articles are not helpful enough as the viewers' satisfaction rate of most articles is lower than 50%.
  • The support team is not responsive. You may need to wait more than 12 hours for a ticket to be replied.
  • Hostable provides no support for third-party scripts. The installation and customization are completely your own responsibility.

Hostable Web Hosting Price and Refund Guarantee 3.00 of 5

Hostable provides one web hosting plan only. This plan is priced at $7.49/mo, and if you choose the monthly term when signing up, you will have to pay this price. However, discounts are available in the case you select the longer terms like 12/24 months. For these two terms, you can enjoy 14% and 42% discounts respectively. With the discounts, the effective prices are lowered to $6.49/mo and $4.49/mo.

Note that the discounted prices are valid for the first term only, and you need to renew the hosting plan at the regular price.

Besides, in terms of the cost, you have to pay attention to the following facts.
  • Hostable charges high rates for domains. If you register a .com or .net domain name, you have to pay $16.99 per year.
  • SSH is not offered for free. Instead, it requires $19.99 per year.
  • Hostable provides daily website backups at $1.99/mo although this service is offered for free by the major web hosts.
Hostable provides an anytime refund guarantee with which you can cancel their service at any time and then receive a refund of the prepaid fees of the used service. No full refund is available.

Hostable Web Hosting Features 3.50 of 5

Hostable provides many good features that are commonly needed by webmasters. With their web hosting plan, you can get access to the following features.
  • cPanel control panel with an auto installer.
  • Unlimited websites, disk storage, bandwidth, MySQL databases, email accounts and FTP accounts.
  • Two website builders with over 1000 templates.
  • PHP, Perl, SSI and custom error pages.
However, the feature list of Hostable is not complete. If you want free SSH, Python, Ruby on Rails, Git, PostgreSQL database or the Softaculous script installer, Hostable is not the right hosting choice for you.

Better Choices than Hostable 5.00 of 5

Based on the standards of choosing web hosting services, Hostable isn't a good provider of shared hosting because the uptime, support and features are not satisfying.

Among the web hosts we have reviewed, there are many exceeding Hostable in the service quality and affordability. Below are 3 of the best web hosting providers recommended to you.