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Host1Plus was established as a shared hosting provider in 2008 in London, UK. In the next few years, the company quickly expanded their business to several countries in different continents, including Netherlands, Germany, Lithuania, Singapore, South Africa and Chile.

Also, the service range has expanded from shared hosting to cloud hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. In 2014, Host1Plus added 2 data center locations in the US (Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA), and one in Brazil. It seems that this web host can give consumers enough choices both in the location and hosting type.

Currently serving more than 30,000 clients around the world, Host1Plus has been known for cheap hosting solutions. You can purchase a basic shared hosting plan with less than $1/mo, and a VPS with $5/mo. But does this mean you can feel free to try the services? Probably not. Because cost should not be the only concern when finding a place to host your website.

We have conducted detailed tests and careful monitoring about the shared hosting services offered by Host1Plus. As a result, we found that the company is not a very good hosting choice for webmasters with main visitors located in North America. Reasons are given in below.
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Host1Plus Speed Review 2.50 of 5

At present, Host1Plus uses altogether 9 data centers in different countries, trying to ensure fast speed for as many locations as possible. There is no evidence that the company owns or manages any of the data centers. Also, they do not offer any official information about the data centers' server equipment or network infrastructure.

Closer server means lower latency, of course. According to our monitoring, Host1Plus US-based servers can deliver stable response and page loads in most times, but network issues are not seldom, either. Despite the occasional issues, the average server response time is around 650ms in the past 3 months. A normal page can be loaded successfully within 3 seconds.

Below are the monitoring results of the past 24 hours.

Host1Plus Server Response Speed

Host1Plus Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

To be honest, Host1Plus can meet the minimum standard in the uptime of shared hosting, but you should not expect much. Unlike most US-based hosting companies, Host1Plus guarantees an uptime of 99% instead of the commonly seen 99.9%. Our monitoring tells that the company's uptime is less than 99.8% in most months.

A server in the Los Angeles data center suffered much from a serious DDoS attack in August, 2015, which resulted in consistent downtimes. Until one day later, the company replaced the main IP of the server with several new IPs to reduce the downtime.

Below is the uptime monitoring of the past 30 days.

Host1Plus Uptime

Host1Plus Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

Host1Plus has not maintained a good reputation in technical support as there are tons of complaints on the web. The company has 3 offices: one in the UK, one in Germany and another in Lithuania, while no one in North America.

When in trouble, you can reach a support representative via live chat and email. The former method is for general inquiries, and the latter one mainly serves support requests. The response time for tickets is acceptable, usually within a few hours. But when there is a network/server issue or refund request, the replies might be slower and less polite.

Also, we've seen several Host1Plus clients who spent nearly one day communicating with the support team to get a server which is accidentally suspended back online. Bad support is one of the main reasons that drive many unhappy customers away.

Host1Plus Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing 2.00 of 5

Host1Plus has prepared 4 shared hosting plans for hosting personal websites and small businesses. Depending on the cost, the plans come with different resources and features. Here are the details:
  • Starter: $0.83/mo, including 1 hosted domain, 1 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth, 1 sub-domain, and 0 database.
  • Personal: Starting at $1.95/mo, including 3 hosted domains, 5 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth, 3 sub-domains, and 3 databases.
  • Business: Starting at $5.75/mo, including 30 hosted domains, 30 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, 30 sub-domains, and 30 databases.
  • Business Pro: Starting at $12.25/mo, including 100 GB disk space, 1 free IP, unlimited bandwidth, databases & email accounts.
The plans seem to be quite affordable, but you should dig deeper to see whether they are really valuable to you. Below are the main pros and cons of Host1Plus shared hosting.

  • You can choose cPanel or DirectAdmin as the control panel.
  • Softaculous and Installatron 1-click installers are available for automating the installation and update of popular scripts.
  • Business and Business Pro include a free domain if your billing cycle is longer than 6 months.
  • PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL are available.
  • Scripting languages like Perl, Python and Ruby are not allowed on the shared hosting platform.
  • With the cheapest Starter plan, you cannot install any database-driven scripts like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Besides, with 64 MB allotted memory only, this plan is of no real value.
  • Host1Plus only offers refunds within the first 14 days after service activation even for shared hosting. After the period, there is no way to ask for a penny back, which makes it risky to choose a long term.
  • If you pay your bill with credit cards, you may be asked to send the copy of your ID to the company for verification.

Better Shared Hosting Options 5.00 of 5

Honestly speaking, Host1Plus Starter plan is no better than most free hosting solutions in the market. If you want an affordable but reliable platform to host open source scripts or develop your own applications, the web hosts below are good choices.