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Host Excellence
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Founded in 1999, Host Excellence is a web hosting provider who headquarters in USA. As an experienced web host in this industry, this company owns their independent data centers and customer service office. Both Linux and Windows hosting are provided by this company.

To meet different customers with different demands, Host Excellence provides many services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting and some other relevant services. When it comes to their shared hosting, this web host releases three plans, including Basic, Business and Ultimate Business.

You need to pay $7.95/mo for the first plan and $14.95/mo for the other two in general. But now this company is giving a discount for their services. Thus, $3.95/mo is available for the primary package and $7.95/mo for the others.

To some extent, it's a little bit hard for beginners to figure out the differences between the Business and Ultimate Business plan. As a matter of fact, the latter plan doesn't have any richer features than the former one but with more total mailbox quota or something like this. If so, the Business plan is unnecessary because everyone knows to choose a better plan. And you should pay special attention to a point that all the prices of these plans are based on a 2-year payment only.

In terms of money payment method, Host Excellence launches two ways, including PayPal and credit card, which is convenient for webmasters to purchase hosting services. And 30-day full refund is available for customers, which means that if you want to ask for a refund in this first month, this company will do so without any questions.

To sum up, we don't recommend Host Excellence. The reasons are explained in detail in below.
Editorial Review

Host Excellence Speed Review 2.00 of 5

The loading speed of Host Excellence is too slow to be satisfied by many webmasters. Although Host Excellence locates its data centers in Columbus, OH, this company doesn't offer fast loading speed and quick server response even in America, not to speak of other countries and districts.

According to the monitoring on Host Excellence, the average server response time is more than 700ms. What's worse, it's usually unstable and easy to get stuck, especially in peaks. Besides, from the perspective of loading speed, there is also a great improvement room to make for this company.

Host Excellence Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

With the support of UPS power and back-up generator, Host Excellence tries to get the trust from the public. And firewall protection and spam filter can ensure the security of users' data security to some degree. But all of them are basic for a web hosting solution.

Although Host Excellence promises to offer 24x7 monitoring, they fail to give an instant response and solution when some problems occur. In addition, this web host makes a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but they let their users down occasionally.

Host Excellence Feature Review 3.00 of 5

For all of the three shared hosting plans, you can enjoy unlimited web space, monthly data transfer and sub domains. As for the Basic plan which is chosen by most of the webmasters, it includes 1 free domain registration and 1 dedicated IP address. In addition, 2500 email accounts, 50 MySQL databases and 50 PostgreSQL databases are included.

However, special attention should also be focused on some other vital points. For example, the Basic plan doesn't not give support to Windows hosting.

Host Excellence Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

This company claims to offer 24x7 anytime technical support which can be realized through phone call, live chat and ticket center. From our experience, the live chat is not so high-efficient as we think. The technical representative once even didn't answer questions when we asked for some information about their billing circles.

Luckily, there are some general questions in their FAQs in which you can find out many answers of the questions you want to ask. So you can have a general understanding about this company and the service you might choose.