GoDaddy VPS Hosting Review 2018

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Compared to the long-time domain registration service, GoDaddy is quite new to the VPS hosting market. To get the quality and the specs of the virtual private servers from the company clear, we work out this review to present details and statistics about the price, server resource, performance and technical support.

As there are 3 optional operating systems available including CentOS, Fedora and Windows, this review is made on the Linux based CentOS related service. The following chart shows the ratings given to some of the factors that matter most.
GoDaddy VPS Hosting Review
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Price & Upgradability – Reasonable

GoDaddy offers 5 upgradable VPS hosting packages with prices ranging from $29.99/mo to $139.99/mo. As this web host supports 3 levels of server management – self-management, management and full management, the price mentioned above are for the managed services. If you select "self-managed" during checkout, there will be a deduction of $10/mo due to the absence of cPanel, and if you choose "fully-managed", an additional fee of $110/mo will be added to your bill.

GoDaddy provides 4 billing cycles for customers to choose, including 1/3 month(s) and 1/2 year(s). For those terms longer than one year, the company offers a small discount which is different from one plan to another.

As for the money back guarantee which is an important factor to consider, Godaddy Terms of Service explains that 1/2 year(s)' plan comes with 45 days refund period and 1/6 month(s)' plan has 48 hours refund period. After the period, people cancelling accounts can request an in-store credit for the remaining hosting fees, except for those who subscribe to single month plans.

Features – Not Excellent

Features Like all other VPS hosting providers, GoDaddy offers guaranteed amount of RAM, disk storage and bandwidth in all the VPS packages. Unlimited bandwidth and 3 dedicated IPs are included in all packages, while the differences only exist in the RAM and storage. For example, the 1 GB RAM plan comes with 40 GB disk space, 2 GB RAM plan includes 60 GB and the 3 GB RAM includes 90 GB.

To be honest, the packages are not cost-effective when the resources and the prices are combined. You can easily get the same features at a much lower cost, or enjoy much more resources at the same price level. To make things easy-to-understand, we will make a comparison between GoDaddy 1 GB RAM plan (managed) and the VPS-1000HA-S plan offered by InMotion, a reputed VPS hosting provider.

Plan1 GB RAMVPS-1000HA-S
Disk Space40 GB60 GB
BandwidthUnlimited2 TB
Root Access
Refund Guarantee45 Days90 Days
Regular Price$29.99/mo$29.99/mo
Discounted Price$24.99/mo$14.99/mo
How to ClaimLink ActivationLink Activation

Regarding the features, you also have to pay attention to the following restrictions.
  • The cPanel offered by GoDaddy is not packaged with WHM access. If you want the reselling capability, you need to pay additional fees.
  • The free backup included in the managed and self-managed packages comes with 1 snapshot only.
  • The max outbound emails allowed per day are 5000.

Performance – Good Uptime But Slow Speed

GoDaddy has facilities in multiple continents which feature high quality hardware, cutting-edge software, 24x7 security, power redundancy and network redundancy. With all these factors combined, the company guarantees 99.9% uptime and claims that customers experiencing any failure to the guarantee are entitled to a credit of 5% of the monthly hosting fee. Read the monitored uptime in the past 30 days.

As for speed, the company has not done an outstanding job as there are always tons of complaints about the slow speed that it delivers, although the company guarantees all the time that it utilizes some of the best routers and switching systems. We have been monitoring the server response time and found that the performance lags behind that of many other VPS hosting providers, for example, InMotion.

Technical Support – Helpful (May Be Expensive)

Technical Support As a provider of semi-managed and fully managed virtual private servers, GoDaddy offers free support via email, phone and web-based chat, which covers troubleshooting of the problems that the company is responsive to. As we tested, all the ways are effective, making responses to requests in a short time. Besides, the FAQ contains solutions to commonly asked questions.

Note that the free support does not include any assistance in administering servers. For people requiring help in security enhancement, software installation, database management, SSH and more, the Assisted Service Plan is designed for them with a price that can be quoted via a phone call.

Who Should Use the Service?

Judged from the perspective of cost-effectiveness, GoDaddy cannot compete with many other leading providers in VPS hosting due to the limitation in speed, feature and money back guarantee. The company's service is suitable for webmasters who run fairly simple websites and know how to administer, manage and optimize their sites.

For other people with demand on affordable price with great performance, feature and support, the companies listed below should be good options that are worth a try.

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GoDaddy VPS Hosting Features

  • OS:
  • Control Panel:
    cPanel & WHM
  • CPU:
  • Memory:
    1 GB
  • Disk Space:
    40 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth:
  • FreeDomain:
  • Dedicated IP:
  • Backup:
  • SSD:
  • Setup Time:
  • Eco-friendly:
  • Service Level:
  • 24x7 Support:
  • Telephone:
  • Live Chat:
  • Email:
  • Regularly:
  • Triple-Annual:
  • Bi-Annual:
  • Annual:
  • Monthly:
  • Full Refund:
    45 days
  • Prorated Money Back:
Marketing Credits
  • Google Adwords:
  • Bing/Yahoo Search:
  • Facebook Advertising:
  • Twitter Advertising:
  • Amazon Listing:
  • Fotolia:
  • Totally: