GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Review Review 2018

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As a reputed and big shared web hosting company, GoDaddy now claims to provide webmasters with satisfying service for reseller hosting. To make things clean and straightforward, we would like to give webmasters who are interested or curious about this web host's reseller service the following overall review coming from our rich-experience in introducing the best reseller web hosting and a great deal of real voices and feedbacks from a wide range of webmasters.

Firstly, there are objective and comprehensive ratings on this hosting provider's reseller hosting service from many essential and important aspects including the performance, features, reliability, support, price and reputation. Proceed to know more about the related details and information as follows.

Packages & Price

As a large internet company well-known for the domain name registration, GoDaddy commits to offer webmasters the ability to build their virtual private servers without any limitation on the number of hosting plans on per server. What's more, this provider endows three alternative hosting plans named after Economy, Deluxe and Premium in accordance with different provided reseller hosting features.

What's more, this company gives corresponding level of discount for different billing cycles. For the sake of ease and simplicity, we make out the following well-organized and detailed price table of the mentioned reseller hosting packages.

Plan in ComparisonEconomy PlanDeluxe PlanPremium Plan
Regular Price$39.99/mo$79.99/mo$149.99/mo
Discounted Price for 3-Month Billing$39.99/mo$79.99/mo$149.99/mo
Discounted Price for 6-Month Billing$39.99/mo$79.99/mo$149.99/mo
Discounted Price for 12-Month Billing$37.99/mo$75.99/mo$142.99/mo
Discounted Price for 24-Month Billing$35.99/mo$71.99/mo$134.99/mo

Furthermore, it is obvious that there is only 5% and 10% discount for the 12 months and 24 months respectively. What's more, it needs to pick out that the mentioned hosting price is much higher than that of the most reliable web hosting providers, such as BlueHost which also offers three web hosting plans for resellers with price only starting from $19.95/mo to $99.95/mo.

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Hosting Features

Like any other excellent hosting providers on the market, GoDaddy also has many basic and core hosting features for people to use, such as the easy-to-manage cPanel and WHM, free one year SSL certificate and three dedicated IP addresses as well as FTP access. On the other hand, this company has other different hosting features in store in the meantime and more details are well-presented in below.

FeaturesEconomy PlanDeluxe PlanPremium Plan
Linux CentOS 64-bit
Free cPanel & WHMCS

Moreover, customers are able to sell as many accounts as they like and take a total control on the hosted websites with the power to bill each of customers. In addition, GoDaddy allows people to host several websites from one single dashboard and access their hosting accounts, which seems rather user-friendly. But this web host may not be an appropriate choice for people looking for more easy-to-use hosting features such as auto installer and website builder.

Performance and Reliability

By adopting the high performance virtual private servers and the world-class data centers that are connected to several diverse upstream providers and equipped with multiple network connectivity and power paths, this company promises to bestow customers with fast response speed for server. Besides, by utilizing the enterprise-class restore and backup technology and the air conditioning systems as well as the fully redundant UPS power systems, this web host guarantees at least 99.9% uptime for hosting the website.

However, having monitored this company's system in the last a couple of months constantly, we actually find out this provider indeed realizes its promise as mentioned above with solid uptime of 99.97% in the passing 30 days and however the real response time of the server averages 784ms which is slow and often complained by many webmasters. The average tested uptime and server speed of GoDaddy in the passing 30 days are displayed as follows.

Technical Support

GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Review - Technical Support As a reliable and trustworthy company, GoDaddy provides its customers with the access to contact with the technicians and developers who are helpful in solving hosting-related issues or any other kinds of related professional problems through having a free of charge telephone and sending a descriptive email. It means that people are not able to use the effective or helpful communicate way of live chat, which is regarded as one of the biggest defects of this hosting company.


As what we have discussed about the service of GoDaddy reseller hosting, this company is not a favourable option for people wanting the high uptime and fast speed as well as cost-effective hosting service, although it owns relatively rich hosting features.

In this case, we recommend the best reseller hosting alternatives in below, all of which are fast, stable and affordable with bountiful reseller hosting features involved. Details are well-displayed in below.

GoDaddy Reseller Hosting Review Features

  • OS:
  • Control Panel:
    cPanel & WHM
  • Bill Software:
  • Account Limits:
  • Free Domain:
  • Backup:
  • SSD:
  • Disk Space:
  • Bandwidth:
    1 TB
  • Dedicated IP:
  • Dedicated SSL:
  • Setup Time:
  • Eco-friendly:
  • Service Level:
  • 24x7 Support:
  • Telephone:
  • Live Chat:
  • Email:
  • PHP:
  • Ruby On Rails:
  • Python:
  • Perl:
  • MySQL:
  • PostgreSQL:
  • Secure Shell Access:
  • .htAccess Override:
  • Custom php.ini:
  • Custom CronJob:
  • GZip Enabled:
  • Regularly:
  • Triple-Annual:
  • Bi-Annual:
  • Annual:
  • Monthly:
  • Full Refund:
    30 days
  • Prorated Money Back: