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Founded in 2001, Globat has been dedicated to web hosting for more than a decade. After thirteen years of development, the company serves millions of customers and owns rich experience of web hosting. Constantly, the company aims to remove all kinds of technical limitations and makes web hosting available for every individual. Moreover, Globat strives to provide stable and affordable hosting plans for users.

Indeed, the company has made much progress over those years. By upgrading its GX01 hosting plan, Globat enables customers to use unlimited disk space and bandwidth, which means clients are able to diversify their websites with varies of images, audio and video files. Besides, the company guarantees instant activation, which allows new users to get their accounts and set up their websites without delay. However, there are plenty of limitations of the hosting service provided by Globat.

Although Globat guarantees affordability of its products, the fact turns out to be disappointing. The GX19 plan is based on the GX01, adding more MySQL Databases and ShopSites. While the GX01 charges $4.44/mo only for the first one year and renews at the regular price afterwards. The GX19 plan is priced at $19.99/mo, which is more expensive than some VPS hosting plans. Thus, Globat is not so affordable as it claims.

Generally speaking, Globat may be enough for beginners who do not expect to upgrade their websites thereafter. However, for developers who want to expand their websites, this provider is not such an ideal option. The alternatives as following are the better choices.

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Globat Speed Review 2.50 of 5

To enhance the speed of websites, Globat sets up a new data center in California as a complement to the original one. Also, the company claims to utilize a pooled server environment which makes a quick respond to requests and saves a lot of loading time for customers.

However, many customers complain about the page loading speed of Globat, especially when more people intend to visit the websites at the same time. This is particularly unfavorable for hosting users who run their online businesses. As speed is so critical for a website, visitors may easily turn away if they fail to get access to the service at the first time.

Globat Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

It is well known that Globat shares the same data center, Equinix, with Google, Yahoo, and IBM. This fact may persuade people to trust the reliability of Globat. And the company claims that the most advanced techniques are utilized in the data centers to ensure the stability of websites. Yet, the fact is that the reliability of Globat is far from satisfactory.

Many people find that they are confronted with downtime more frequently than ever, which leads to a lot of problems for both personal and professional users. With regard to this problem, we have made a test only to find that Globat fails to maintain 99.9% uptime for most of the time.

Globat Feature Review 2.50 of 5

Globat provides two shared hosting plans: the basic plan, GX01, and the advanced package, GX19. Both of them are claimed to provide unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and Email. Yet, it is self-evident to people that the word “unlimited” actually means they are not restricted only when they do not exceed the allocated resources.

Furthermore, the lack of VPS and dedicated hosting plans has caused inconvenience for many users. Customers who are in need of a further development of their websites would have to choose another web hosting provider since Globat only provides shared web hosting plans. And only two kinds of shared hosting packages are available now.

Globat Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

Technical support is always regarded as a critical part for both customers and hosting providers. As the majority of the hosting companies, Globat claims to offer 24/7 technical support. And users are promised to get access to professional staffs via phone, Email, or online form submission.

However, an increasing number of customers report that they have to wait one or two minutes to enter the live chat page after they click the Chat Now icon on Globat’s web page. Thus, they believe that to get their problems solved through live chat is such a time-consuming job, let alone via other forms.