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GearHost, based in Englewood, Colorado, is a hosting provider and software application services company who hosts over 30,000 applications with a history of over 15 years. Since 2000, it has gradually regulated the developing strategy, then focusing on providing cloud hosting service for the masses, especially for developers.

Some of our readers asked whether GearHost is a good choice for them to host their sites. To better answer the question, we dug into details on the prices, the features, the performance and the support. Having reviewed the company, we can give the exact answer "No".
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Editorial Review

GearHost Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

GearHost is committed to offering free customer service for the users. You can contact the team via the following channels, including support ticket, phone and email. But remember that the support scope is only for pre-sale questions, account restoring or a general inquiry. Here you may have the reason to doubt the professionalism of the staff.

And GearHost only provides 9 hours' customer service from Monday to Friday, which excludes US holidays. In other words, you have no way to contact the team beyond GearHost work time, especially when you are faced with problems which need to be addressed as soon as possible.

If so, you may fix issues on your own through the online resources, like forum or documentation. But we do not believe these are efficient ways to settle all your matters.

GearHost Prices and Features 2.50 of 5

There are two hosting plans released by GearHost: one is Shared Web Node at $5/mo or $0.007/hr, and the other is Reserved Web Node at $25/mo or $0.037/hr. The former one is a popular choice while the latter is a plan with better performance. Here we mainly discuss the features of the basic plan.

On one hand, GearHost offers Slick control panel, not a popular one, which will make it difficult for users to manage their various hosted services. On the other hand, the most important thing is that the limited resources are not worthy that price even with some advanced features like Node.js, MSSQL 2014, MySQL 5.6, etc.

In Shared Web Node, GearHost puts restrictions on the features. This plan only includes 1 GB Application Pool, 1 GB storage, 1 TB bandwidth, 10 Max Workers, 15% CPU usage, 1 hr session timeout, etc.

The good point is that you can get a free package, only coming with 1 Max Worker, 1 GB bandwidth, 5% CPU usage, 100 MB storage, and 256 MB Application Pool. The free trial sounds great, but the resources in it are only enough for you to host a simple blog with a few pictures and texts. A warning can be made that without SSL, your site may be attacked due to the lack of protection.

At the beginning, you may be attracted due to the free trial. Once you require more resources, you must scale to the paid plans which are at least $5/mo. Here pay attention that GearHost does not provide refund policy, which means that you cannot require money back when dissatisfied with the service. To avoid the situation, you have better ASP.NET hosting choices with more affordable prices and longer full refund policies.

GearHost Uptime and Speed 2.80 of 5

GearHost makes a promise of 99.99% uptime and claims to achieve that with many efforts. It has four data centers, which are situated in Ashburn, Chicago, Denver, and Irvine. And all the four data centers have been certified by national security standards. Besides that, GearHost also works with peering transit providers to increase capacity and redundancy.

It seems that GearHost will achieve at a high uptime due to the above efforts. However, the real users revealed that their sites are constantly going down, having a direct impact on the loss of money and customers. Some of them even remarked that GearHost is the worst hosting company they have ever used. Our monitoring result in below also proves what the users said.

The real uptime is just 99.83%, which is below the average. The number means that your visitors cannot have an access to your sites for a few hours in a month. Except that the content of your sites is very important, your visitors will be impatient to deal with this situation. Therefore, be serious about subscribing the service because GearHost still has a long way to carry out its promise.

GearHost Uptime

Uptime and speed have a close relationship with each other. Given the awkward uptime we mentioned before, you should not have a great expectation for the speed. As we have monitored, the server response time is not optimistic.

GearHost Speed

GearHost Alternatives 4.50 of 5

In conclusion, GearHost is really not a good choice with regard to the price, features, uptime, speed, and technical support. Thus, there is no doubt that we advise you to stay away from GearHost.

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