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Funio was born to be a division of iWeb Technologies and separated from iWeb in 2012, offering domain name registration, shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS. The company is based in Canada, but it is announced to serve webmasters around the world by leveraging the power of iWeb facilities and Internap global Internet infrastructures.

Funio offers many statistics on the official site to persuade visitors. The company says that they are serving 19000 customers in over 170 countries with more than a decade of hosting experience. They also claim on the homepage that they use 3 data centers to power customers' sites, but the details in the knowledgebase show that their servers are located in two iWeb data centers.

As all of Funio data centers are in Montreal, it seems that the services offered by the company are only good for webmasters with target visitors in Canada and the eastern America. The coverage of fast speed is quite limited.

Among all Funio hosting services, shared hosting is the most popular one. This service once was good before Funio was separated from iWeb. But ever since the split, the quality has dropped dramatically, according to the complaints online. The details about the service are explained in below.
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Funio Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Funio offers technical support through live chat, phone and email in three languages: French, English and Spanish. Email support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the work time of phone and live chat is limited – from 8 AM to 7 PM EST, Monday to Friday.

The company always responds to support requests quickly, no matter which way you choose to contact the support team. But there is a big problem that most of the support representatives actually cannot help with technical issues such as database transfer. They are all in a good manner, but the lack of knowledge is what makes most users dissatisfied.

Funio Shared Hosting Plans & Features 2.00 of 5

There are altogether 4 shared hosting plans available for choosing, including Economic, Unlimited, Startup and SMB. Some of the differences between the plans are as follows.
  • Economic: Priced at $3.99/mo, including 1 hosted website, 20 GB disk storage, 250 GB bandwidth, 100 email accounts, 10 databases & up to 0.5 CPU core, suitable for beginners desiring to start one simple website.
  • Unlimited: Priced at $7.99/mo, including unlimited resources and hosted websites, and up to 1 CPU core, suitable for beginners who want to host several small websites.
  • Startup: Priced at $17.99/mo, including unlimited resources, up to 1.5 CPU cores & free SSL certificate, suitable for developers.
  • SMB: Priced at $28.99/mo, including unlimited resources, up to 2 CPU cores & an SSL certificate, suitable for small businesses.
Now Funio is promoting all the plans with a 50% discount for the first month. No matter which billing cycle you choose, the discount only applies to the first month of the term. For yearly-billing users, a free domain is available (except for Economic).

In addition, all plans include cPanel, Softaculous installer, PHP 5.2-5.6, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. And the plans, except for Economic, come with some development features such as SSH, Git and Python.

Funio Shared Hosting Advantages 3.00 of 5

Email marketing services & secure email with SpamShield

Funio partners with CakeMail to offer an email marketing application for small businesses. This application comes with newsletter templates, detailed reports and contact list management tools, enabling users to start email marketing campaigns easily. However, the application is free for Startup and SMB users and for 100 contacts only. The paid solution is $5/mo for 1000 contacts.

The company has also been devoted to spam protection by developing a tool named SpamShield. All shared hosting plans include the free version of SpamShield which can block 80%-85% spam. The limitation is that the free version can only be used for email accounts hosted with Funio. If you want to protect other types of email accounts, you need to purchase the paid version with per-domain charge.

Good uptime

Funio does not offer any detailed information about their data center facilities including the power supply system, security system and network connectivity. Only some small pieces of information about server specifications and software can be found in an article in the knowledgebase. This article has not been updated for over 1 year.

The good thing is that Funio officially guarantees 100% network uptime and power availability and claims to compensate customers with in-store credits if the guarantees are not fulfilled. We have not monitored the company's uptime for a long time, but the results we've got so far are quite good – nearly 99.95% in the past 3 months.

Funio Shared Hosting Disadvantages 1.00 of 5

Low price value

After reviewing the shared hosting plans comprehensively and comparing them with the solutions of some other good web hosts like InMotion Hosting, we find that these plans are not cost-effective at all. The cheap Economic plan is not worth the money as it does not even allow SSH, Ruby or Python.

For the premium plans Startup and SMB, their prices are almost equal to a cheap VPS, while they do not include advanced features, dedicated resources or full server control.

Slow speed for visitors in the US

According to our monitoring, Funio cannot guarantee fast speed for most regions in the US. As is mentioned before, the data centers are located in Montreal, which makes the servers quite far away from visitors. The statistics we have collected show that the server response is not unbearably slow, but it is not fast, either. See the monitoring results for the past 24 hours.

Funio Server Response

No pro-rated refund

Funio promises 30-day refund for shared hosting users, and there will be no refund after that. Accounts closed after the first 30 days might be credited for the prepayments, but the credits can be useless if you do not plan further purchases at Funio.

No responsibility for data corruption

This might not be seen as a disadvantage, but you should note that Funio does not guarantee the safety of your data and is not responsible for any loss of your data or the data corruption. Therefore, you must keep backing your databases and all content up manually for your websites hosted with Funio.

High rates for paid support

Funio may provide customers with additional support upon request. Tasks related to DNS, bandwidth, disk storage and website troubleshooting are covered. However, the service is charged a high hourly rate of $125 CA (equaling to approximately $99.5 USD), which is unreasonable.

Better Shared Hosting Options 5.00 of 5

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