FreeServers Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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FreeServers is a brand operated by United Online Web Services, Inc., a web hosting company established in 1995 and claimed to have served over 4 million domains.

As the company name indicates, FreeServers is known for its free web hosting plan which includes the basic resources and features that people need to start and maintain a website, such as a website builder, a file manager and email accounts. Besides the free plan, this web host also offers 4 paid plans to those who demand more power.

The free web hosting offered by FreeServers sounds attractive, but in fact, we will never recommend either the service or the provider to any webmaster. The free plan is of no value due to the great limitations in the usage and features, and the paid plans, which are expensive, are by no means good choices for hosting any type of website.

We have used and monitored FreeServers web hosting services for a couple of months, and based on the experience and monitoring results, we have worked out reviews for each important aspect in below. After reading the details, you should be able to know why we don't recommend free web hosting and FreeServers.
Editorial Review

FreeServers Speed Review 2.50 of 5

FreeServers does not offer many words about the data center, server, network infrastructure or other performance related things on the official website, and there is no way to dig into the facilities. From the information available, we can only know that the company has some servers housed in a data center in Los Angeles, CA. The data center is claimed to be well-connected and optimized for performance.

Holding the doubt whether FreeServers can really offer good hosting speed, we monitored several servers and found that the company is able to deliver an average speed although not being the fastest. The server response time averages approximately 800ms which is tolerable in the shared hosting field.

Below are some of the speed monitoring records of FreeServers.

FreeServers Server Response Speed

FreeServers Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

FreeServers explains on the official site that the architecture they use features fully redundant systems for network and power supply so that the reliability of their services is guaranteed. Besides, the company says they have designed special mitigation for malicious attacks. However, they do not offer any detail about these technologies and equipment.

Unlike the majority of the web hosts nowadays, FreeServers does not provide any uptime guarantee for both the free web hosting service and the paid plans, which is a little bit unreasonable. No uptime records or system status have been published, either.

When collecting the information about FreeServers, we saw a large number of criticisms about the company's reliability. Many users reported frequent downtimes, and some others said they had severe issues with email sending and receiving. These complaints are actually common among free web hosts because such providers have very limited investments in the facilities, technologies and operations team.

During our monitoring, FreeServers failed to achieve 99.9% uptime in almost all months. The real uptime usually kept between 99.5% and 99.8%. You can read the uptime records of the last 30 days in below.

FreeServers Uptime

FreeServers Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

Inefficient technical support is also a severe yet commonly seen problem of free web hosting. To reduce the hosting cost, the free hosting providers are usually short of men in offering technical support, which results in decreased support quality and slow response time. Unfortunately, FreeServers is no exception.

For the free web hosting plan, FreeServers offers 24x7 technical support through FAQs and email only. And for the paid plans, there will be "Priority Customer Support" through phone.

After trying the support service and reading user reviews, we would give FreeServers a very low rating in this aspect because:
  • The company provides little-to-no help when the free hosting users meet troubles. Sometimes they simply do not reply to the support emails.
  • The response time for support is too long. Support emails are not replied within 12 hours, and even the phone support is not efficient at all. Many users doubt whether the company really offers technical support.
  • The communication channels are quite limited. There is no possibility to contact the support team through live chat, Skype or on the popular social media like Twitter and Facebook.

FreeServers Free Web Hosting 1.50 of 5

FreeServers offers one free web hosting plan with the setup fee waived, too. This plan includes 50 MB disk space (with the upload file size limited to 25 MB), 1 GB bandwidth, and 3 email accounts. Besides, some other features, such as a file manager, domain manager and site builder, are also available.

You may have noticed that the disk space is very limited. In fact, 50 MB is not enough even for hosting a personal blog. A site hosted on the free platform should be small with several pages only. This makes the plan valueless.

In addition to the unreasonable storage allocation, you must pay attention to the following disadvantages of the free web hosting service, too.
  • The hosted websites not only come with banner ads which distract visitors and slow down the site speed, but also serve popup ads. The ads are added to your site automatically and you have no choice about which ad to display.
  • Using the free hosting, you can only upload and manage files through the file manager. FTP access is not allowed.
  • You have no CGI access, so you cannot use PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc.
  • WordPress is not supported.
  • No statistics software is available.

FreeServers Paid Web Hosting 1.50 of 5

Currently, FreeServers provides 4 upgradable premium web hosting plans which come with more features and better support than the free hosting. Below are the differences between the plans.
  • Starter Hosting: Starting at $3.95/mo, including 1 GB storage, 10 GB bandwidth and 25 email accounts.
  • Personal Hosting: Starting at $7.95/mo, including 5 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth and 100 email accounts.
  • Professional Hosting: Starting at $14.95/mo, including 10 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth and 500 email accounts.
  • Business Hosting: Starting at $24.95/mo, including 10 GB storage, 1000 GB bandwidth and unlimited email accounts.
To be honest, the plans are expensive considering the limited amount of the available disk space. What's worse, the prices mentioned above are valid to 2-year terms only, and if you choose a shorter term, the cost raises. The monthly term of the 4 plans is priced at $6.95/mo, $13.95/mo, $23.95/mo and $42.95/mo respectively.

All the paid plans come with the removal of any ads, and they give the users access to FTP, CGI, and remote file posting. However, you have to pay attention that the Starter Hosting plan cannot be used to host WordPress blog.

Other Notices About FreeServers Web Hosting Services 0.50 of 5

For both the free web hosting plan and the paid plans, FreeServers applies the following restrictions most of which are unreasonable.
  • All the web hosting plans are only available for personal use. Any business or commercial use is prohibited.
  • The provider is not responsible for any data loss. Data backups and security are the sole responsibility of the user.
  • The provider has the right to terminate any domain at its sole discretion without notice.
  • The provider can modify, use or reproduce all users' website content at anytime and anywhere.
  • Accounts remaining inactive for 60 days will be terminated and deleted.
  • The FreeServers hosting platforms do not support access-restricted pages and password-only content.
  • FreeServers does not offer any refund for any web hosting plan.

Better Budget Hosting Options 5.00 of 5

Concluding from the reviews above, we do not recommend either the free web hosting or the paid plans offered by FreeServers at all. The reliability is poor; support is of no help, and the features are limited.

In fact, we do not suggest you use any free web hosting service if you are serious about the online presence. Instead, a budget web hosting plan can provide you with many more features and power at a small cost. If you are looking for an alternative to FreeServers, the following web hosts are worth consideration.