Fozzy Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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As a part of XBT Holding, Fozzy is a provider of Linux shared hosting, Linux VPS, Windows VPS and Forex VPS. The company operates by relying on multiple data centers in Netherlands, the US, Singapore and India which are claimed with over 4 Tbps network capacity.

Since the inception, Fozzy has been positioning itself as the fastest hosting provider around the world. While the company hasn't been well-known or popular on the US hosting market, we hold the doubt of the hype and have done a lot to find out the truth. The server monitoring, however, shows that Fozzy might not be as excellent as what it boasts.

In terms of the price, Fozzy rates both the shared hosting plans and VPS reasonably. However, there are many limitations in the feature, and no refund is promised. In case that you need more details, we would discuss the shared hosting mainly and present the information about the company's hosting speed, reliability, support, feature, and price.
Editorial Review

Fozzy Speed Review 2.00 of 5

As is mentioned before, Fozzy uses data centers in 4 countries to serve customers on the global scale. For those facilities, the company claims that the following things are true.
  • All servers are the latest purchased from Dell.
  • All servers are equipped with SSD drives that are several times faster than the usual hard disks.
  • LiteSpeed, the fastest web server for Linux hosting, is used to deliver better speed.
  • The CloudLinux OS guarantees that everyone on your server is caged so that the impact of others' activities on your performance is minimized.
  • Free CDN is provided for much faster content delivery.
Since the company's homepage is full of such information, it seems convincing that Fozzy is able to offer fast web hosting services. After monitoring this web host's servers and networks for 3 months, however, we find that the monitoring results are quite surprising. The server response time averages over 1000ms, which means the servers are far from being fast. Those fast hosting providers like InMotion Hosting usually keep the time under 300ms, after all.

Therefore, if you have been attracted by what Fozzy has said and promised, you may feel very disappointed after paying for its plans.

Fozzy Server Response Time

Fozzy Reliability Review 3.50 of 5

Although the speed of Fozzy shared hosting is not good enough, the company is actually doing well in the uptime, which is shown in our monitoring system. The CloudLinux OS seems to contribute a lot to the stability of the system. The segregation of user accounts has minimized the bad effects brought by server sharing.

Fozzy doesn't promise the monthly percentage of uptime or any compensation for bad uptime. However, our monitoring shows that the company is able to reach 99.9% uptime on average in a month, which is quite good for shared hosting.

Fozzy Uptime

Fozzy Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

Fozzy offers a knowledgebase which includes the common topics like the company's services, domain, billing, webmail, etc. Note that this knowledgebase is exclusive to the paying customers, which means non-customers will have no idea about what tutorials are indeed included in it.

Those who cannot find a solution in the knowledgebase are suggested to open a support ticket in the client area. The support staff will respond within hours. Besides, there is a phone number on the website, but it is uncertain whether the number could be used as a hotline for support. Also, you have to pay attention that Fozzy doesn't provide a chat portal for online technical support.

Fozzy Shared Hosting Price & Features 3.00 of 5

Fozzy offers 2 shared hosting plans – one for hosting a single site, and another for hosting 5 sites. The differences of the plans are the price and the included resources, of course.
  • Fast Site: $3.9/mo, including 1 website, 10 GB disk space, 1 database, and a free .xyz domain.
  • 5 Fast Sites: $9.5/mo, including 5 websites, 50 GB disk space, 5 databases, and a free .xyz domain.
Included in both plans are free account setup, a 7-day trial period, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited email accounts. Besides, cPanel and ISPmanager are offered as the control panel choices, and the common programming features, such as PHP, MySQL, Perl and SSH, are also available. Daily backup and spam protection will contribute to better security.

In addition, Fozzy allows purchasing additional website/database at $0.93/mo for each, additional disk storage at $0.2/mo for 1 GB, and additional IPv4 at $2.2/mo for each.

Despite all these features, we have found a number of disadvantages in the Fozzy shared hosting plans.
  • The company doesn't provide a refund guarantee, so you cannot expect a full refund when you are suffered from dissatisfaction. The 7-day trial is good, but most reliable web hosts offer at least 30 days for new customers to try and test.
  • Most of the available features are essential, so developers who need advanced features like Git, WP-CLI, Python, Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL won't feel good with Fozzy.

Hosting Alternatives to Fozzy 4.50 of 5

Fozzy is a good option for reliable and affordable shared hosting services. But the bad performance in speed and technical support, as well as the limited features make the company not in the top choices.

In our experience, there are a lot of hosting providers better than Fozzy in all of the price, feature, support, and performance. If you want some suggestions, check the following ones.