FlyWheel Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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FlyWheel is a young hosting provider that specializes in managed WordPress hosting. The company was established in 2012 with a single goal to offer hosting services that can make the lives of web designers and WordPress developers easier.

FlyWheel claims to provide each customer with dedicated resources, so it is believed that their plans are built on VPS. Since all the servers are managed and optimized by the technical team, you do not need to worry much about the server security and performance.

Having been devoted to WordPress only, FlyWheel offers a number of tools and resources to help WordPress users in design and development. At present, there are some eBooks and videos on the company's official site that can be used for free.

This review presents the details about FlyWheel managed WordPress hosting and analyzes the pros and cons to help you decide whether there is a right solution for your demands.
Editorial Review

FlyWheel Speed Review 3.00 of 5

FlyWheel does not provide many details about their data center facilities or server specifications. The only piece of information we can see is that the company has servers in New York City and San Francisco. Except for the approximately 10% websites hosted in San Francisco, all other sites are residing in New York City.

At present, you are not allowed to make a selection of the data center location. The company says that they will make this choice available by offering server locations in multiple key locations worldwide, but there is no signal about when the goal will be realized.

Besides the efforts made in server quality and infrastructure enhancement, FlyWheel also utilizes some technologies to deliver fast speed.
  • Server-level caching is provided to relieve you from caching plugins.
  • You can add CDN to your sites with an additional fee charged on per-site basis. Powered by MaxCDN, your sites should be fast in page loads.
If you have selected the right plan that can fully meet your traffic needs, you can enjoy good page loading speed within 3 seconds. Besides, the server response is also excellent. Below are the recent records.

FlyWheel Server Response Speed

FlyWheel Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

Currently, FlyWheel provides real human being powered support through a ticket system and phone call. If you are in trouble, you can reach out to an expert quickly and receive a good answer to most infrastructure or account related questions. However, there are some limitations that you must know.
  • Standard support is available in work hours during 9 AM-7 PM CDT from Monday to Friday. Only emergent issues regarding infrastructures are valid for 24x7 support.
  • FlyWheel provides an entry for chat support, but the entry is not available for use at this time of writing.
  • As FlyWheel designs their products for high-end users, they do not provide written tutorials for many simple WordPress related issues like database management.

FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing 2.50 of 5

FlyWheel has prepared solutions for both individual users and resellers. For individual users, 4 plans are available, among which there is a custom plan for which you can decide the amount of disk space and bandwidth. The only common point between the plans is that they all allow 1 WordPress install only. The details about the 3 fixed plans are as follows.
  • Tiny: $15/mo, including 5 GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth and 5,000 monthly visits.
  • Personal: $30/mo, including 10 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth and 25,000 monthly visits.
  • Professional: $75/mo, including 20 GB disk space, 1 TB bandwidth and 100,000 monthly visits.
Considering the amount of disk space and bandwidth included in the plans, the pricing is acceptable for managed WordPress hosting. However, you may need to pay additional fees for some additional services like SSL support and CDN.
  • SSL support: $10/mo per site. This does not include the cost of an SSL certificate.
  • CDN: $10/mo per site.
  • Multisite support: $10/mo.
The services listed above are included for free for the advanced plans – Professional plan and the custom plan.

If you want lots of installs, you can buy the reseller plans. The Freelance plan includes 10 WordPress installs and 40 GB disk space, priced at $100/mo. And the Agency plan includes 30 WordPress installs and 120 GB disk space, priced at $250/mo. For both plans, SSL support, CDN and multisite support charge extra fees.

To be honest, FlyWheel managed WordPress hosting plans are not doing well in scalability. It is hard to figure out an economical solution for a webmaster who needs to host 4 or 5 WordPress sites.

Pros of FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting 4.00 of 5

FlyWheel manages the server and WordPress for you, so you can just focus on coding or designing without distractions. Also, the company provides many helpful tools and features to make your experiences better.
  • Automated WordPress updates. When a new version is released, FlyWheel updates WordPress automatically, so you don't need to do anything.
  • Managed security. FlyWheel constantly monitors your website for malware, and they back up your data and store it off-site to make sure that your site is safe. Even if you get into the unfortunate event of hacking, they will fix your site.
  • Rich development tools. The staging sites allow you to test changes easily; the collaboration features enable you to work with others without sharing usernames and passwords, and with demo sites, you can show off projects to your clients. Note that a demo site is live for 15 days only.
  • Free migration. If you have a WordPress site hosted somewhere else, you can submit a form and FlyWheel will migrate it for free.
  • 30-day refund guarantee. Monthly billing users are allowed to ask for a refund within 72 hours after signup, and annual billing users can feel completely safe in the initial 30 days.

Cons of FlyWheel Managed WordPress Hosting 1.00 of 5

Due to the nature of being "managed", FlyWheel hosting platform comes with less flexibility and control on the user side. The limitations also make the company an expensive choice. Read the main disadvantages in below.
  • The Tiny plan does not support multisite install. Even if you are willing to pay $10 more per month, you cannot run WordPress multisites.
  • SSH is not allowed for any plan. Due to security reasons, you are not able to use SSH to establish remote connections or execute any remote command.
  • You are not allowed to install or use several types of plugins, such as backup plugins, caching plugins and security plugins.
  • The wp-config.php file is locked down, so you cannot make any change to it.
  • .htaccess is not supported as FlyWheel uses NGINX web server. The .htaccess file in your root directory is ignored by the web server automatically. For some complex redirect issues, you will need to contact FlyWheel support team.
  • FlyWheel does not host your emails. You are suggested to work with a third-party email provider like Google Apps and Zoho Mail for email hosting.
  • There are monthly limits for the emails sent from your site. For the cheapest Tiny plan, the number is 2,000 per month. Therefore, you'd better not send newsletters or mass mailings from your site. Instead, it is recommended to use third-party services like MailChimp.