FDCServers Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Since its establishment in 2003, FDCServers has dealt with a wide range of hosting services raging from virtual private and dedicated servers to colocation service, but except shared hosting. And nowadays, this company is proudly to start a reseller program which is optimized for Asian webmasters especially Chinese. It locates the data centers in the CBOT (Chicago Board of Trading Building) which is a large financial institution and has fully redundant power supply.

For cheaper VPS service, FDCSevers sets different specs and price range in each plan. In general, this web host has two VPS solutions – Bargain VPS and SSD VPS – whose prices are fluctuating from $9.9/mo to $199/mo. Frankly speaking, it is not advisable to run a business site at such expensive rate. On the downside, there is no any freebie for new sign ups.

For another thing, this company has boldly stated in its TOS agreement that all payments invested to FDCServers are non-refundable. Besides, there is no reminder of account cancellation unless the cancellation request submitted through its Help Desk. Under this circumstance, there is no trial period for webmasters to try and know whether the service suits their needs and no warning for the expiry or due date, which makes FDCServers a deal breaker.
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FDCServers Speed Review 3.00 of 5

Instead of persuading readers with its top-level IT infrastructures or servers in the "Network" section, FDCServer only makes a detailed description about its data center locations. Plus, from online remarks, it seems that some webmasters have been stuck in their "vague speed service" trap. And there is a batch of FDCServers clients still worrying about their slow loading speed in regret.

FDCServers Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

For a start, on the website of FDCServers, there is no document regarding the uptime guarantee which is regarded as a selling point from most web hosts out there. Hence, it is better to clarify the uptime condition before your sign up by contacting with their sales representatives.

Taking voices from other users' feedbacks is also an effective way to figure out the real condition for network uptime. Over the online forum and other social networking communities, some clients from FDCServers express that the unscheduled downtime is indeed a big concern for them, and this company is poised to move and unplug servers without any post notification. What's worse, the frequently-occurred power failure hints no redundant power provisioned.

FDCServers Feature Review 3.00 of 5

As is stated above, FDCServers has designed two VPS solutions for registered users in different areas. For instance, the Bargain VPS is just available in Seattle, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Miami and Zlin CZ, while the SSD VPS is accessible only in Frankfurt, DE and Amsterdam.

With the Bargain VPS packages from Virtual Private Server 1 to 4, people are capable of getting a maximum of 1.5GB RAM, 200GB HDD, 10 IP addresses, 2 CPU cores and 1000 Mbps unmetered data transfer. On the other hand, with SSD VPS plans from Enterprise Virtual Server 1 to 4, clients can receive 16GB RAM, 400GB SSD storage, 5 IP addresses, 8 CPU cores and 10Gbps unmetered bandwidth at the most.

As we can see, the provided resources seem to far more enough for running a medium-sized site or even a large-sized one. And besides, the elite plan charges as high as $199/mo which keeps most users away from this company, not to mention its poor performance and useless support.

FDCServers Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

Support information from FDCServers is very limited. Most of time, this company only grants online support through the Help Desk or email ticket portals which are proved to be slow and even unresponsive. This company indeed has phone call support, but it said to charge $50/hr each time and only applies to trouble shooting.

As far as we can see, the support satisfaction from FDCServers is just sub-average. There is an overwhelming number of webmasters saying that the technical personnel always behave indifferently to their question and mostly have a profusion of excuses rather than any kind of practical suggestions.