FatCow VPS Hosting Review 2018

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In below, we have worked out a comprehensive review on FatCow VPS hosting, aiming to make clear whether this service is worth going. To provide an impartial review, we started to host one of our medium sized Joomla sites on the VPS platform of FatCow 6 months ago, and kept monitoring this site closely. In addition, we have read numerous customer reviews on the web to learn the customer satisfaction rate this service enjoyed.

We developed this review from price, features, uptime, speed and technical support. Besides, we have made the following rating chart to show the ratings of several aspects. Scroll down to learn the detailed information.

Fatcow VPS Hosting Review
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    $19.99/mo, 20% off regularly

About FatCow VPS Hosting

Having been in the web hosting industry for over 10 years, FatCow actually has been focusing on the needs of individuals and small businesses instead of developers or large online businesses. Therefore, the primary service offered by the company is the shared hosting plan.

The VPS hosting, however, is provided as a complement of the full product range. Over the years, FatCow has invested little in the optimization of the virtual servers. This might be one of the important reasons why the company gains low ratings for its VPS hosting service.

Packages & Price

Fatcow VPS PriceFatCow has released 3 VPS hosting packages to ensure that people with different budget and needs can choose a proper one to host their sites.

These plans are called as Basic, Business and Optimum, priced at $24.99/mo, $59.99/mo and $99.99/mo regularly. However, to promote this service, this company offers a 20% discount, with which the price is cut down to $19.99/mo, $47.99/mo and $79.99/mo.

To make the purchase easy and safe, FatCow supports both credit cards and PayPal. What's more, this company guarantees 30 days refund to enable customers to put their money in safe. However, the refund is only valid for people who pay for this service using credit cards. Besides, the $15 domain name fee is non-refundable.


Just like many famous VPS hosting companies, FatCow integrates cPanel control panel with each of its VPS hosting packages, with which customers are able to manage every aspect of their accounts and websites effortlessly. Besides, no matter choosing which of the 3 solutions, people have the chance to create unlimited hosted domains, subdomains, POP3 accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases.

Learn the detailed feature information of each VPS hosting plan in the table below.

CPU Core(s)124
Monthly Bandwidth1 TB3 TB4 TB
Storage40 GB90 GB120 GB
Dedicated IP Address(es)122
100% Wind-PoweredYesYesYes

Besides the server resources and the cPanel mentioned above, FatCow also offers instant provisioning, which means customers can access their virtual servers within minutes after the payment is completed instead of waiting for days. What's more, the company has pre-installed many scripts on all servers, including PHP, Perl, CURL, JSP, SSI, Cron and Image Magick, to ensure customers can get started quickly.

However, there are still some shortcomings with the feature set. The company does not offer the following features in the VPS hosting plans although most leading VPS hosting providers do.
  • WHM, a tool offering reselling access, is not included for free in FatCow VPS hosting packages.
  • FatCow does not offer free daily/weekly backups to secure customers' website data.
  • The VPS hosting packages do not feature high-availability with server clusters.

Uptime & Speed

Fatcow VPS PerformanceTo ensure customers are able to run websites smoothly and stably, FatCow equips their data center with hundreds of high quality Dell server, dual routers and NetApp storage clusters. Besides, a new gigabit network connection is used for better hosting performance.

Furthermore, to enhance the security of customers' websites, FatCow adopts the outstanding firewall from Cisco. Besides, there is a professional group of technicians and engineers standing by 24x7 monitoring the data center and server. In this way, no matter what issue occurs, they can resolve it immediately to ensure the sites run with satisfying uptime and fast speed.

However, according to our monitoring result, the FatCow uptime is 99.93% and its server response time is 695ms on average. Learn its uptime and server response time of the past 30 days in the following statistics charts.


Fatcow VPS SupportIn the knowledgebase, FatCow support representatives have worked out numerous articles and user guides to teach customers how to deal with common issues independently. If customers can't find the answers they need in the knowledgebase, they are allowed to call the support team or start a live chat to get instant and effective assistance to resolve problems.

What's more, customers who don't need instant help are capable of writing an email with the details of their issues to the company and wait for a reply from the support staffs.

However, according to the user reviews we have read and our own experience, the technical support offered by FatCow is neither responsive nor professional.
  • Some of the support representatives on live chat actually do not know what customers are asking when the issue is a little bit complicated, for example, about IP address or SSL.
  • The so-called managed support does not cover a wide range of problems. For most website errors which are promised to be covered in the support, the support representatives would say the responsibility is not theirs.
  • Tickets are replied very slowly, taking over 24 hours sometimes.


From the aspect-to-aspect FatCow VPS review above, we can easily see that the price of this service is low, and the server resources are ample. However, the hosting uptime and speed are not good enough for people running business websites, and the techncial support is not good, either. Therefore, we don't recommend people who require fast hosting and helpful support choose this service.

Up to now, we have reviewed hundreds of VPS hosting providers and found a few of the best, among which the following three hosting providers are the most recommended ones, each of whose VPS hosting plans are cheap, feature-rich, reliable and fast. In addition, the companies all provide 24x7 customer service via online chat, email and phone call.

Learn the highlights of their VPS plans in this table.

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FatCow VPS Hosting Features

  • OS:
  • Control Panel:
    cPanel & WHM
  • CPU:
  • Memory:
    1 GB
  • Disk Space:
    40 GB
  • Monthly Bandwidth:
    1 TB
  • FreeDomain:
  • Dedicated IP:
  • Backup:
  • SSD:
  • Setup Time:
  • Eco-friendly:
  • Service Level:
  • 24x7 Support:
  • Telephone:
  • Live Chat:
  • Email:
  • Regularly:
  • Triple-Annual:
  • Bi-Annual:
  • Annual:
  • Monthly:
  • Full Refund:
    30 days
  • Prorated Money Back:
Marketing Credits
  • Google Adwords:
  • Bing/Yahoo Search:
  • Facebook Advertising:
  • Twitter Advertising:
  • Amazon Listing:
  • Fotolia:
  • Totally: