EPHost Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Having been around for over 15 years, EPHost is a hosting and website design service provider based in San Diego. It now offers Linux shared hosting, Windows shared hosting, VPS, dedicated servers, website design and domain registrations.

EPHost has an attractive service range since all your needs can be met there. However, the problem is, though with so many years' development, the company is still in a fairly small size, and there isn't a large customer base.

There are few compliments or complaints for the web hosting service offered by EPHost. After trying and reviewing the plans, we find the features are good, while the prices are not so affordable. Besides, the technical support is not outstanding at all.

This EPHost review is going to present the details of the company's Linux hosting plans, from which you can see the pros and cons that you need in order to evaluate the service. If you want to learn the Windows hosting plans, then read this comprehensive review.
Editorial Review

EPHost Speed Review 3.00 of 5

EPHost doesn't own a data center facility. Instead, the company locates the server equipment in a San Diego data center over which it doesn't have direct control. The data center is claimed with N+1 redundancy on all systems and network access to many carriers including AT&T, Level 3, Verizon and Global Crossing. The partnership and real-time switching and routing contribute to a stably fast network speed.

We have set up monitoring for the server speed of EPHost and found that the company's servers can respond quickly (within 600ms on average) when there is no server issue. But occasionally, the response time increases to 1000ms, which means latencies.

EPHost Speed

EPHost Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

The service reliability is a highlight of EPHost. The company offers a 99.9% uptime SLA, and to keep up with the agreement, it has made the following things the convincing facts.
  • The multi-homed network is well maintained to ensure the stability.
  • The data center comes with redundancy on all the systems including power, security, HVAC, and fire suppression.
  • The data center is staffed 24x7 to address the sudden issues.
Backed by such a facility, EPHost is able to ensure 99.9% service uptime for most users. For any downtime that lasts longer than 20 minutes in a given day/month, you can apply for one day's SLA credit by submitting a ticket to the support team. Our uptime monitoring says that EPHost has reliable uptime although it is not as excellent as the top hosting providers.

EPHost Uptime

EPHost Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

EPHost has a knowledgebase which includes many useful tutorials for email, FTP, database, SSL and DNS. If you have problems with these things, you will probably find the solution you want by searching the knowledgebase.

However, for some other important features like control panel and SSH, there is no written guide prepared. Therefore, when you meet issues that are out the reach of the knowledgebase, you have to contact the support team.

EPHost provides multiple ways for you to get to the support agents, including the ticket system, support phone number and live chat. All these ways are available 24x7. It's your freedom to choose any method, but you have to pay attention that the live chat and ticket system are quite slow. The waiting time is longer than that of many other web hosting providers.

EPHost Linux Hosting Plans & Features 3.00 of 5

EPHost offers two plans in terms of Linux shared hosting. Named EP Pro and EP Unlimited, the plans are distinguished by some crucial resources such as the hosted site, disk space and database.
  • EP Pro: $6.95/mo, including 1 hosted site, 10 GB disk space, 300 GB bandwidth and 1 MySQL database.
  • EP Unlimited: $11.95/mo, including unlimited hosted sites, disk space, bandwidth and databases.
Despite these differences, both of the two plans come with the following impressive features.
  • Unlimited email accounts with free anti-virus and anti-spam service.
  • Cron Jobs, and PHP 5.4 with suPHP.
  • cPanel, Softaculous installer, and website statistics software.
  • Shared SSL certificate, hotlink blocking and daily website backups.
These features are all good, while the downside is that they are not enough for developers or those advanced users who want more. For example, the advanced yet commonly seen features, such as SSH, Python, Perl and Ruby, are not allowed on EPHost shared servers. This is really a piece of bad news.

When the features are considered, EPHost doesn't provide cost-effective shared hosting plans since many web hosts do much better than it. For instance, InMotion Hosting, a company known for fast speed, allows users to host two websites with all the EPHost features and SSH, application rollback and Python/Perl/Ruby at a cost of $3.49/mo only.

EPHost Money Back Guarantee 2.00 of 5

For the shared hosting plans, EPHost provides a 90-day refund guarantee. With such a guarantee, you are entitled to a full refund if you cancel an account within 90 days of signup for any reason.

This sounds great, but we have to mention that EPHost hasn't written the guarantee into the Terms of Service. In the TOS, EPHost says the refund period is 30 days. Besides, the refund policies for domain name and add-on services are not provided, either. So if you care about the satisfaction, you must make the refund guarantee clear by yourself.

Alternatives to EPHost 5.00 of 5

When the hosting performance is your only concern, EPHost may be the choice because the uptime and speed are good. However, the overall score the company has received is not high. The slow technical support, unclear refund guarantee and lack of many features are the reasons for you to seek a better hosting company.

If you have come to the same conclusion as us, you can check the following hosting options with affordable prices but great performance and support service.