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eNom, established in 1997 in Kirkland, is a web hosting and domain name registrar company. It also deals with other kinds of business, such as email services, website building software and SSL certificate. Due to its not-fully developed hosting service, now it is still rarely known to the web hosting users.

At one time, eNom worked as a wholesale provider, allowing people to sell their resources and domains under their brand. Several years later, it released virtual private servers and shared web hosting service. And it has once been regarded as the second largest domain name registrar. On the other way around, its diversified services predict that this company ends up with offering not high-level web hosting service.

For the sake of price, we will mainly focus on this web host's shared hosting plans in below. There are a total of three optional plans available, including Just the Basics, Best Value and Business respectively. Note that only on the Linux operating platform can the plans successfully run. In regards to the pricing policy, each plan charges for $4.88/mo, $8/mo and $17.6/mo, which are a little bit expensive. In below, we will talk about other important web hosting factors in sequence, including features, speed, reliability and support.

eNom - Hosting Uptime Chart

Editorial Review

eNom Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Although eNom has tried its best to make people entrust it by advertising its advanced data centers and network facilities. However, reality always tells the truth. Over the Internet, some angry people point out that they have been meeting with drastic slow connectivity and not-functioning database.

An anonymous eNom customer also has said that it always takes 7-8 seconds to load, and before he just needs 0.2 seconds or so. From many other users' real hosting experiences, it seems like not a few customers feel like their websites are slowing down since they move to this company. Hence, this web host may not be a suitable option for people hunting for a fast hosting provider.

eNom Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

eNom declares to offer ultra-reliable hosting environment for all customers through making use of the redundant battery and 24x7-based network monitoring. To some degree, it sounds convincing. However, from our manual and automatic monitoring on its network during the passing months, we regretfully find that eNom also fails to keep its promise.

Unlike other reliable hosting companies guaranteeing at least 99.9% uptime, eNom only keeps 99.84% network and system uptime. By comparing the two listed uptime statistics which have a little bit differences, you may not feel anything. However, if you look back to the online customers' voices, you will be aware that many people have fell into victims by the minimal difference. Reliability is of great importance for any successful site, so try your best to choose a reliable one before regretting.

eNom Feature Review 2.50 of 5

If you expect powerful and unlimited features with an affordable price, then you will be let down and amused be your childish day-dream. With the plans from eNom, you can neither get the popular "unlimited" things nor some other core features, such as cPanel control panel and useful PHP scripting language, etc.

In the most budget Just the Basics plan, customers can only get up to 20GB storage, 200GB monthly data transfer, 50 email accounts and 15 MySQL databases. Even for the entitled "most powerful" Business plan, people are only allowed to have 100GB storage, 1000GB monthly data transfer, 150 email accounts, etc.

Remember that, eNom replaces the most easy-to-use and popular cPanel with the Plesk admin panel. Plesk is a helpful tool indeed, but according to investigation, Linux hosting beginners appreciate a web host offering cPanel more. It is quite resource-limited and inconvenient when compared with other web hosts.

eNom Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

eNom offers all customers coming into troubles with its official phone numbers and email addresses, while it excludes the on-site text chat support channel. Expect that, if you are not proficient in speaking English and can hardly understand English language, you will firstly have a big language trouble before describing your specific issues.

What's worse, eNom has been said to be a total scam and has a crappy support. We've heard an old eNom customer saying that this company is dishonest, and the so-called patient support staffs do not exist at all. Others even say that they have been wrongly charged for many times and this company is indeed a domain thief, etc.