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eHost is an often-heard provider of the hosting arena. Based in Houston, Texas, this company has been in operation since 1996. Since April 2010 or earlier, it becomes a part of the well-known Endurance International Group.

Since the inception, the company has been providing only one type of hosting service - shared hosting with an all-in-one hosting plan targeted towards individuals, business owners, non-profit organizations, and more. Up to now, the company has hosted more than one million sites on a global scale.

With the large user base, eHost labels itself as a specialist in entry-level shared hosting service. It claims to offer everything that users will need to start a website at merely $2.75/mo, including unlimited server resources, extra freebies, reliable and fast hosting environment, responsive technical support, etc.

However, based on our investigations and users' feedback, the company and the hosting service are not that unmatched as it claims to be regarding the relatively expensive renewal prices, ordinary hosting reliability, and other limitations on various aspects.
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Editorial Review

eHost Speed Review 2.00 of 5

Data centers, servers, and other hosting infrastructures are several common aspects that we take into consideration when judging the speed of a hosting company. However, eHost provides little explicit information about these aspects. It only indicates that all of its servers are located in one of CyrusOne's data centers in Houston, Texas that features all the standard configurations.

In this case, we have conducted a personal monitoring on the company's hosting speed with the help of Uptime Robot. As the following results show, eHost performance in speed is not satisfying. In the previous month, it has consumed roughly 670ms in terms of server response time, 68% slower than the field's average of 400ms.

eHost Server Response Time

eHost Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

As for the hosting reliability, eHost grants each user of its shared hosting service with a 99.9% uptime guarantee, not including the scheduled maintenance. Also, it promises to provide users with one-month credit for the packages on their accounts if the company fails to meet this guarantee.

On the basis of our monitoring statistics, the company has just kept its words, making sure that users' websites are available 99.9% of the time in the past thirty days. Technically speaking, this uptime record is satisfying yet not extraordinary.

eHost Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

As many hosting providers do, eHost claims that its technical support is available 24x7x365 via the most popular communication channels like live chat, phone, and email. Also, the company promises to be responsive, striving to answer any phone call within two minutes and cut the average waiting time for users to get assistance in a quick manner.

eHost Support channels

By our personal experience, the company's technical support is indeed good. However, some webmasters are noting that its support response time is not as short as expected and in several cases the company fails to provide efficient solutions to some simple problems.

When it comes to the knowledgebase section, the company does not lack this offering. It provides a list of step-by-step tutorials covering several topics like the setup and maintenance of websites, which, however, are not informative enough for users to solve issues for themselves.

eHost Review on Plan & Pricing 2.00 of 5

When choosing shared hosting services, the price value plays a significant role in evaluating whether a company is a good choice or not. From this point of view, eHost to some extent lacks competence.

At present, the company prices its all-in-one hosting plan at $2.75/mo, nearly 50% off from the regular, which is quite attractive at first sight. However, as it declares, this promotional price is valid to new users at their initial terms only. Upon renewal, eHost will bill the plan at regular rates, which are listed as below.
  • Monthly terms: $13.98/mo
  • 1-year terms: $9.98/mo
  • 2-year terms: $7.98/mo
  • 3-year terms: $5.98/mo

Displayed as above, the renewal prices of eHost hosting plan are fairly premium compared to many other leading companies in the field. Take Arvixe for example. This company regularly charges $4 and $7/mo for its two hosting plans - Personal Class and Personal Class Pro. However, with the coupon code BWH360, it renders users with a 30% discount, cutting the prices to $2.8/mo and $4.9/mo merely.

eHost Review on Feature 3.00 of 5

Considering the hosting features, eHost indeed has some advantages in aspects like the allocation of server resources, freebies, and ease of use. Check the following list for more detailed explanations.
  • It sets no limit on the commonly-used server resources, such as domains, disk storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and MySQL databases.
  • It includes some beneficial freebies with the plan, including a free domain name, free marketing credits, free site building tools, etc.
  • The company offers cPanel as the control panel, which is one of the most popular options in the field.

eHost Review on Refund Guarantee 2.50 of 5

In regular circumstances, the company provides a 45-day money back guarantee for first-time buyers. During this period, these who are not satisfied with its hosting service are able to cancel their accounts and ask for a refund, usually excluding the administrative fees, setup fees, and fees for any other additional services.

Generally speaking, this money back guarantee is reasonable. However, after comparing the company with other reputable ones and reading its ToS carefully, we've found some limitations that make its refund policy overshadowed.
  • To be frank, eHost 45-day money back guarantee is longer than the industry-standard 30 days. However, it remains uncompetitive compared with other top hosts like Arvixe (60 days) and InMotion Hosting (90 days).
  • Despite the fact that eHost accepts payments via bank wire transfers, Western Union payments, checks, and money orders, it issues credits rather than refunds for users with these payment methods.
  • Unlike other hosts, the company does not offer a pro-rated refund for the unused services after the full money back period.

Better Hosting Choices 5.00 of 5

Due to the obvious shortcomings above, we do not recommend eHost for those who are looking for a reliable shared hosting company. Instead, we suggest you try the following better alternatives. Honored as the best Linux hosting providers, these companies are able to help you create your online presence at a small budget and without hassles.