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Located in United Kingdom, EasySpace is a web hosting provider who offers sorts of services, like shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and domain registration. The company was founded on the 18th of July 1997, building up from nothing. In the past years, the company has invested much to build their infrastructure and network, trying to provide customers with good hosting solutions.

With the rapid changes and the continuous development of the Internet, EasySpace is always trying to keep pace with the times. The company claims to adopt the latest technology to provide hosting services and avoid the loss of customers. However, the result is not satisfactory.

In terms of the shared hosting plans and prices, EasySpace releases three packages, Pic 'n' Mix, StarterPlus and Business, pricing at $3.20/mo, $6.38/mo and $12.78/mo respectively. If you buy the service biennially, 10% discount is available. The company claims to provide 7-day money back guarantee which is totally uncompetitive. Besides, there are much hidden fees in their packages on the basis of their users' response.
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Editorial Review

EasySpace Speed Review 3.00 of 5

In terms of hosting performance, EasySpace claims that they put much effort on their data centers which are located at Glasgow, Nottingham, London, Maidenhead, Leicester and Manchester. With 24 hours onsite network operation, generators, N+1 air conditioning systems and dual zone fire detection system, the company can ensure the security of the whole working process.

The outcome from the out monitoring indicates that the page loading speed and server response are not bad. However, the condition is not stable, which means that the server can make quick response generally but sometimes it is slower than the average. Perhaps it is because that server happened to be overloaded.

EasySpace Reliability Review 1.50 of 5

EasySpace announces to lead the hosting industry with 100% uptime guarantee, ensuring the highest degree of security against network downtime. But according to people' common sense, the result of 100% uptime can hardly be achieved. So you have to think twice before making a decision or you might be stuck in this pretended trap.

Another trouble is that upgrading to new a webmail is awful. That is to say, if you have a mail account and want to upgrade, you have to waste much time and energy, even money because of the company's system and operators' unkindness. Moreover, customers cannot install either X-Cart Gold or osCommerce because the 2 applications are incompatible with their systems due to older server software.

EasySpace Feature Review 2.00 of 5

What feature is to a hosting system is what water to fish. Taking the first package as an example, the Pic 'n' Mix is included with unlimited monthly bandwidth and subdomains, 1 FTP account and domain name, only 100MB email storage space and 500MB database size. Speaking to technical features, this plan involves PHP 5.4.36, Python, Perl 5.8.8, and ImageMgick & ionCube Loader. And shared SSL is included.

However, lack of SMTP and CGI are imperfections for EasySpace. In addition, the company asks for $56/pa after 21-day free of their hosting backups and $8/pa per domain for Whois privacy, which are not wise enough in such a competitive industry.

Furthermore, the company has very limited feature and the price is not reasonable. Customizing the hosting package with 1 email account, 3GB disk space and 1 databases which are basic for a website, we find that the price rises up to $101.38/yr and $8.5/mo. So how the company asks for the price of $3.2/mo with above features is still in question.

EasySpace Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

EasySpace boasts that they hire knowledgeable and responsive technical staffs to provide customer service, but actually the company only provides email and phone call technical support. The biggest drawback of their technical support is that they don't have live chat which is the most efficient and time-saving communication channel.

Furthermore, according to the feedbacks from their customers, the attitudes of the operators are terrible. When they have questions and problems, the so-called 24x7 technical support is just an illustration and can do nothing helpful.