EasySpace Coupon & Promotion 2018

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EasySpace offers various hosting solutions and other online services like Office 365 and website builder, and now, the company is providing multiple coupons to enable new customers to get favorable discounts for most of the available services.

Applying the right coupon codes, you can enjoy up to 60% off domain registrations, and get 10% off the hosting services to buy a shared hosting package at a low price of $2.88/mo only. The coupons and the detailed price information are presented in below.

EasySpace Coupons for Hosting Services

EasySpace offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers and email hosting. At present, the company allows discounts for all the services except for dedicated servers. However, you have to note that for all these services, the VAT of 20% is not included in the price we mention.

10% off shared hosting

EasySpace has 3 shared hosting packages whose prices are $3.2/mo, $6.38/mo and $12.78/mo. As the company supports 1/2/3/4/5-year terms, it offers 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% discounts for 2/3/4/5-year terms by default.

However, by using the coupon code WEBHOSTUK, you can get an extra 10% discount regardless of the length of the term, with which the entry-level package is available at $2.88/mo for 1-year billing. The price is even lower if you choose longer billing cycles.

Besides, all the shared hosting packages include a .com, .org, .me, .club, .eu, .net or .uk domain which is free for the first year of registration.

10% off VPS solutions

EasySpace provides 3 VPS hosting packages, too. The regular prices of the packages are $15.98/mo, $23.98/mo and $31.98/mo, while with the use of the coupon code EASYVPS, the costs are reduced to $14.38/mo, $21.58/mo and $28.78/mo respectively. Free setup is included.

45% off cloud hosting

EasySpace cloud hosting packages are priced at $96/mo, $192/mo and $384/mo according to the server resources they include. Now the company allows 35%, 40% and 45% off the packages respectively for everyone, so that the prices lower to $62.4/mo, $115.2/mo and $211.2/mo. No coupon code is required for these discounts.

10% off email hosting services

The email hosting packages are now available from $2.14/mo only for those who apply the coupon code EASYEHOST in the checkout. Renewals start at $2.38/mo.

EasySpace Coupons for Domain Registrations

Currently, EasySpace is offering favorable coupons and discounts for the registration of specific domains. You can learn the details in below.
  • PHOTO14: 10% off the registration of .photography domain names.
  • GURU14: 10% off .guru domains.
  • COM589: 40% off .com domains, starting at £5.89 per year.
  • 60% off .co domains, starting at $17.58 per year. No coupon code is needed.
Note that all the discounts for domains are valid for the first year of registration only.

EasySpace Coupons for Other Services

Besides the hosting services and domain registration, some other EasySpace services are on sale, too.
  • EASYOFFICE: 10% off any Office 365 package, starting at $5.04/mo per user.
  • EASYPRO13: 10% off the EasySiteLive Pro site builder. A free domain and 21-day free trial are included.

EasySpace Refund Guarantee

EasySpace claims that customers who are not satisfied with the hosting services can ask for a refund within 7 days. To be honest, this time period is quite short for testing a hosting service. Most US web hosts offer a minimum of 30 days for trials.

For any other service except for the hosting solutions, the company does not offer any refund in any circumstance.

Safer Hosting Choices?

If you do not feel safe with the money back guarantee offered by EasySpace, you can take a look at the following hosting options which come with a full refund period longer than 45 days.

EasySpace Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret EasySpace coupon codes and promotions - 45% discount, from $2.88/mo

  • 10% Off Shared Hosting Packages
    Get 10% off any shared hosting package, starting at $2.88/mo.
  • 10% Off VPS Hosting Packages
    Get 10% off any VPS hosting package, starting at $14.38/mo.
  • 45% Off Cloud Hosting Packages
    Get up to 45% off cloud hosting packages, starting at $62.4/mo.
  • 10% Off Email Hosting Packages
    Get 10% off any email hosting package, starting at $2.14/mo.