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Having been existed for 14 years since 2000, Doteasy has experienced glorious moments and suffered from confidence crisis. It is the first company that offers free banner-free and domain-based business web hosting but it has been receiving only negative reviews in recent years.

Everything has a wherefore and there must be some reasons for the falling. With this in mind, we have carefully studied its hosting services and worked out the Doteasy review that focuses on the features, speed, reliability and customer support of Doteasy Linux hosting services.

The company seems to offer a mismatched plan-and-pricing scheme, but basically speaking, there are three plans named as Basic, Unlimited and Unlimited SSD, each starts from $1.95/mo, $7.95/mo and $10.95/mo regularly. This detailed review mainly looks at the much advertised Basic plan.

The plan was once popular among bloggers because it used to be cost-free and banner-free. However, those good old days are gone. Today Doteasy not only imposes a price on Basic but also puts banners on the websites hosted on the plan. Is it still worth a try? Read our point by point review on their features, reliability, speed and technical support as following.
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Editorial Review

Doteasy Speed Review 2.00 of 5

Since day one, the mission of the company is to offer affordable, reliable and banner-free hosting services. Note that fast speed is not included in their mission. We are not playing any word games here. The plain fact is that the company has but one data center somewhere in Vancouver, far away from the US. The data center is powered by Cisco technology, but chances are that it may go down unexpectedly without an alternative to standby. This can be disastrous and a professional host would never take such risks.

Doteasy knows that no one likes slow websites, so it introduces SSD drives to speed up page loading. However, this accelerating tool is only available on plans which are four times more expensive than the Basic plan. A sensible mind would consider other choices like InMotion Hosting who places SSD drives on all its shared hosting plans.

Doteasy Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

Doteasy does adopt on-site diesel-powered generators and UPS technology to ensure reliable performance. But it does not specify the quality of the servers, switches and routers. Besides, it does not promise 99.9% uptime guarantee, nor does it offer compensation for downtime. Anyway, according to what we get, the company fails to keep a good uptime record.

Doteasy Feature Review 1.50 of 5

Despite its low cost, the Basic plan turns out to have little use in terms of hosting features. It offers very limited resources including 100 MB disk space, 1 GB bandwidth, 10 email accounts, 10 sub-domains and 10 FTP accounts. No free domain or advertising credits.

The plan offers no MySQL databases or programming languages such as PHP, Python, Perl and CGI. Popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla gain little support, either. The only programming support is Flash, which is outdated already.

The plan offers cPanel as the control panel, but the specifics are not given. According to our research, the cPanel included in Basic is unsophisticated. Larry, a prior Doteasy customer says that when he logs in to the cPanel, he finds only 50% of what a standard cPanel consists of.

Doteasy Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

Customer support is delivered in different channels: live chat, phone and ticket system. Doteasy also creates tutorials, knowledgebase and script library to assist customers in setting up and managing their websites.

It seems that customers are not very satisfied with Doteasy customer service. The most frequently complained issue is un-authorized billing for canceled services. Another major issue is the low efficiency in solving the problems asked by customers.