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Starting business in 2002, Dot5Hosting has expertise in shared hosting, which is proclaimed to prevailing among a diverse range of webmasters ranging from business to home users. According to its advertising slogan, this web host has a lot faith in presenting high-quality level of hosting service. However, its deeds do not accord with words, which will be discussed in the following.

In view of products, Dot5Hosting only has one single shared plan which is priced from $9.99/mo originally. As cost-effective price is appealing to the crowd, be well-off or tight, it offers a sale price of $5.95/mo, which is limited to 24-month registration and is much expensive than the average level.

For what it's worth, Dot5Hosting is not worth a try in consideration of its limited features, useless support, unreliable and slow environment. Alternatively, we recommend the following choices which are all offering the compelling features, strong reliability and fast loading speed, as below,
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Editorial Review

Dot5Hosting Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Speed is another concern for Dot5Hosting clients. Firstly, there are no outstanding and solid technologies utilizing by Dot5Hosting. Plus, according to those customer reviews over the Internet, it is said that their servers are suck and the so-called "internal scripts" are all out of whack. Besides, the time it takes for one site to load varies from moments to minutes, which is extremely disappointing.

How can you count on such a nameless company which cannot afford to invest on infrastructures and shares servers with many other hosting providers? Hence, just as a pertinent advice from a regular customer from Dot5Hosting says, do yourself a favour and choose another more worthwhile option.

Dot5Hosting Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

To reassure its clients with a secure and reliable server environment, Dot5Hosting stresses that it applies powerful N+1 power infrastructures and 24x7 network security monitoring. The reality is that this company doesn't have its independent "optimal" servers, but instead it shares publicly-owned data centers located in Boston, MA area. Besides, there is a steady stream of Dot5Hosting customers complain that there are high amounts of downtime and this hosting provider is not stable at all.

To name a few, there are some disappointed people telling that their sites are down for several days at a time, even though their technical assistants say "working hard to resolve the issue". Others express that they have been fed up with those unpredictable downtimes, and they have regretted having choosen Dot5Hosting by its superficial guarantees and extras.

Dot5Hosting Feature Review 3.00 of 5

Dot5Hosting does offer clients adequate basic features, including unlimited bandwidth, disk space, POP3 email boxes, email auto-responders, email users, hosted domains, parked domains, sub-domains, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, etc. For high-grade features, this web host supports one free domain name and optional coding languages, such as Perl, Python, PHP and so forth.

Apart from those mentioned basic features, the ease of use of control panel is also an un-ignorable core element in web hosting, as it can wipe out much hassle in managing files, domains, apps, etc. But Dot5Hosting utilizes vDeck as control panel, whose user interface is said to be less intuitive and easy-to-manage. Also, it is said that this provider doesn't offer third-party SSL, but one shared SSL certificate, and it excludes Ruby on Rails programming language and SSH access. All those deficiencies make Dot5Hosting an insufficient option.

Dot5Hosting Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

Dot5Hosting support is comprised of phone call, email and live chat ways, but it doesn't appear to be efficient as it has intended to be. In some cases, when you try to contact tech support, you will be answered by an automatic voicemail that has been full for the past year. Besides, their online support is out-sourced and it will route you to India.

What's worse, it seems that the attitude that their support representatives adopt to clients is arbitrary and clueless. In the end, almost every tech support call is estimated to an hour long and most issues are not fixed for no less than one or two days.