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5 votes 1.50 of 5 was founded in 2000 and has helped thousands of webmasters in managing domain names. Although the company has over one decade experience in the industry, it is not so famous and reputable as some younger competitors in shared web hosting service.

The company's business covers a variety of products and services, such as VPS hosting, web hosting, domain registration, SSL certificate, Email, online marketing service and web design. always focuses on the supplying of hosting and domain registration. has three Linux shared hosting plans – Basic, Deluxe and Ultra, which are rated at $3.75/mo, $6.75/mo and $13.75/mo respectively. Frankly speaking, the pricing level is acceptable when compared with the average price in the market. However, we do not think provides cost-effective hosting solutions. When features, performance, service and more factors are taken into account, it is not worth at all, which we will explain in detail in following parts. All in all, we do not recommend to shared hosting consumers, but some better alternatives below.
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Editorial Review Speed Review 2.00 of 5

Performance in speed is acceptable. Our monitoring team tests in latest months. The results show that the average response time of its servers is 600ms, which is acceptable. But when in peaks, the response time is much slower than the average speed and is usually beyond 900ms.

If you want to run your websites smoothly or your websites has many pictures and videos, you'd better turn to other web hosts. After all, high-speed is a fateful factor for the smooth operation and user experience. Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

Little information about data center and servers can be found on official website. The support staffs claim that they have excellent servers and data center in Boston US. The data center is well equipped with dry pipe sprinkler system, HVAC-A/C units, 2400 amp DC power system, real-time video and CCTV surveillance, and a standby generator. However, the fact is that the data center is far away from being top-notch and fails to deliver excellent performance.

According to hundreds of user comments and our own monitoring statistics, we find that the company's shared service is not reliable. Many customers complain that they encounter serious downtime frequently and some of their websites are even down for weeks. Unlike other web hosts, the company provides no uptime guarantee. Therefore, you cannot get any compensation when suffering from downtime. Feature Review 1.50 of 5

The three shared hosting plans of come with limited features. Take the Basic hosting as an example. It ships with only one domain, 5 FTP logins, 10 MySQL databases, 1GB cloud storage and 100 email accounts. These features are quite limited, which may cause some difficulties and trouble in the process of running websites. Both Basic and Deluxe has no premium support.

Only the Ultra hosting plan can satisfy most webmasters' needs. But the question is that the price of Ultra is high to $13.75/mo, and customers need to buy it annually. With the same cost, you can definitely find a better shared hosting provider and get better service. After all, it is risky to invest a lot of money in an obscure host who sets limitation in features. Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5 provides phone call and live chat support. Besides, there are hundreds of articles in its knowledgebase that enable users to fix some general problems independently. Also, its user guide has dozens of tutorials, with which webmasters can deal with some issues about accounts, domains, email and more.

However, the live chat support of is disappointing. We contacted the support team via the live chat button but got no answer within ten minutes later. Staffs are slow, and they are not professional both in attitude and service. Answering questions seems to be going through the motions. What's worse, they avoid to dealing with clients who have the intention to complain or cancel service.