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CrocWeb is a Canadian web hosting company founded in 2009. Positioning itself as one of the leading hosting providers in Canada, CrocWeb is actually in a quite small size, hosting no more than 10,000 websites at present.

Since the inception, the company has been focusing on the hosting needs of individuals, small businesses, designers and developers instead of large businesses. Now it offers shared hosting, reseller hosting and VPS solutions within a single data center located in Montreal. With 24x7 technical support offered, CrocWeb claims to serve a diverse customer base around the world.

We have had an experience with CrocWeb for almost 5 months. According to the monitoring and trial of the features and support, this provider performs well in reliability. However, it is not among the top hosting choices yet due to the incomplete support and several other disadvantages. Reasons are explained later.
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Editorial Review

CrocWeb Speed Review 3.00 of 5

CrocWeb does not maintain a page about data center facilities on the official site, so there is no way to dig deep into the infrastructures and network systems. But according to the available information, the company has paid much attention to web hosting speed.
  • CrocWeb uses LiteSpeed web server which is claimed to be over 3 times faster than Apache in serving all types of content, including the static content, dynamic content and HTTPS.
  • SSDs (Solid State Drives) are utilized as the storage device, which guarantees less latency and much faster access time than traditional HDDs.
  • CloudFlare CDN is available for the acceleration of static content.
These equipment and technologies seem great. However, the hosting speed of CrocWeb is not as fast as expected. In most cases, page loads are within 2 seconds, but in other times, the loading takes more than 5 seconds due to unknown reasons. Contacting the support team gets us no useful information about the occasional slowness.

Below is the monitoring of CrocWeb server response speed.

CrocWeb Server Response Speed

CrocWeb Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

During our trials, CrocWeb delivered good uptime that met the commitment of 99.9% network and server uptime. Also, there is little complaint on the web about the reliability of this company.

CrocWeb uses CloudLinux as the operating system of all its shared servers. This OS is among the best options for Linux hosting because it ensures a high level of security and performance.

With CrocWeb, small downtimes occur, but they are not frequent. If the uptime in a month falls below 99.9%, customers are able to ask for compensation in the form of credits. However, you must pay attention that hardware failure and network attacks are not calculated in the downtime.

Now you can check CrocWeb uptime in the last 30 days in below.

CrocWeb Uptime

CrocWeb Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

CrocWeb provides support mainly via the ticket system. Live chat entry and phone numbers can be found on its website, but these channels are available for sales contact only.

Fortunately, tickets are replied quickly – within 1 hour – at most times. However, there are still times that you cannot get any response until 5 hours later or even longer. What's worse, sometimes you wait for several hours only to get a reply with little-to-no help like "There's no problem with our server/network".

Besides, a common disadvantage is that the support representatives do not explain what is happening or what they have done when you ask them about an email issue or slowness, which is somewhat irritating. We do think CrocWeb needs to make improvements on the quality of their technical support.

CrocWeb Web Hosting Pricing 3.00 of 5

On the shared hosting level, CrocWeb provides 3 packages: Egg Croc, Baby Croc and Adult Croc. The only differences among the packages are the prices and the available amount of disk storage.

The prices of the packages start from $2.95/mo, $4.95/mo and $6.95/mo, which seem affordable. But pay attention that these low rates are for 3-year billing. If you choose shorter terms, you pay much more. For example, Egg Croc is priced at $3.95/mo, $4.95/mo and $5.95/mo for 24/12/1-month terms.

CrocWeb Web Hosting Pricing

Just like most other hosting providers, CrocWeb offers refund guarantee. For any account cancelled in 60 days of the purchase, the company promises to refund all the hosting fees excluding the fees for domain registration, account setup and third-party services. No refund is available after 60 days.

CrocWeb provides no extras like free domain or Google AdWords credits.

CrocWeb Web Hosting Features 2.50 of 5

CrocWeb web hosting packages are fairly feature rich. All of them include the following things.
  • Unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, MySQL databases, FTP accounts, sub-domains and parked domains.
  • cPanel integrated with Softaculous installer and RV SiteBuilder.
  • Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, SSI, CGI, and SSH.
  • Analytics tools including Webalizer, Logaholic and Awstats.
The only demerit is that the Egg Croc package includes 10 GB storage only at the price of $3.95/mo (for 2-year billing), which makes it not a cost-effective choice. There are many more affordable choices. For example, Arvixe provides unlimited storage and bandwidth at $2.8/mo (for 2-year billing).

Better Hosting Choices 5.00 of 5

If growing healthily with improvements on the technical support, CrocWeb could be a top hosting option in the next few years, but judging from the current value of its web hosting services, we don't recommend it either to the webmasters in Canada or to those in the US.

There are dozens of more reliable hosting providers than CrocWeb. If you are looking for one, we have some suggestions.
  • To host websites in Canada with SSDs and low costs, try GreenGeeks.
  • To host in the US, take a look at the following web hosts.