Best Cheap Web Hosting 2017 - Review & Promotion

Cheap Web Hosting
To find the best cheap web hosting packages for webmasters, we have reviewed more than 100 web hosts from price, feature, reliability, performance and technical support. Finally, the solutions listed in below have beaten their competitors and become the winners. All the plans come with a large number of outstanding features which meet webmasters' requirements on system and software.

For those who are looking for the most affordable web hosting offers for personal and small business sites, we recommend these selected companies which are proved by our hosting experience and thousands of customer reviews. Take a whole look at the following details.
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Best Cheap Web Hosting 2018

Having been in the web hosting industry over a decade, WebHostingHub has been serving for more than 500,000 customers all over the world and enjoying high reputation among people ranging from individuals to organizations.

The hosting service is much more cost-effective when compared with most web hosts which charge $8.99/mo averagely. Using this promotional link, you can save 78% more on the budget-friendly web hosting plan, starting at $1.95/mo only.

In the Personal plan, there are additional $100-valued voucher for Yahoo & Bing, and $100-valued AdWords Voucher for Google. Besides, an 90-day money back guarantee is provided, which ensured the safety of money. More features for webmasters are:
  • 99.9% hosting uptime guarantee.
  • super-blazing page loading speed.
  • 24x7 US based technical support via phone, email & live chat.
  • cPanel control panel integrated with Softaculous 1-click installer.
  • unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email addresses & ftp accounts.

Why They're the Best Cheap Web Hosting Offers?

The 5 web hosting companies we selected above are recommended by having the following highlights, such as price, features, reliability, tech support and so forth.

Reasonable Price

Although there are many web hosts on the market claiming "Cheap Pricing", it doesn't mean budget. Some web hosts offer extremely cheap web hosting by cutting off the service and overselling the shared web hosting to mass of clients. And they have some hidden fees prepared for users in the later days. However, all the candidates above are not among the kind because they charge cheap but still reasonable fees. Besides, all of them guarantee no hidden fee in the meantime.

Developer-Friendly Features

All companies listed above support new software on the servers as soon as the latest version is released. In this way, developers using the hosting service from these web hosts are capable of utilizing the advantages to further their development immediately. In below, we have listed some of the popular developer-friendly tools that most of the mentioned providers integrate with their shared hosting packages.
  • mysql 5.5 & postgresql 9.1.
  • ruby on rails, zend framework & git.
  • shared ssl, ssh & cron jobs.
  • php 5.4 or 5.5, python 2.x or 3.x, ruby & perl 5.x.

Bountiful Extra Features

There are bountiful extra features included in the plans, including free domain name, Google AdWords credits, applications and money back guarantee. Details are showed as follows.
  1. Free Domain Name - when people sign up with these companies, they can get a new domain without pay additional money. As there are some web hosting providers playing the trick that register the domain name under their own name as their possession and don’t transfer it when customers switch to another web host. Fortunately, the ones listed above assures a worry-free experience by giving complete freedom and control over a custom domain name. And also, webmasters can transfer the domains anywhere else they like.
  2. Free Google AdWords Credits - Google AdWords credits are used for advertising on Google search. Some web hosts provide the free credits with the web hosting plan, even it’s more than the cost on the web hosting itself. For instance, JustHost shared plan includes $250 marketing credits, which saves customers a lot of money on on advertising business over the Internet .
  3. Money Back Guarantee - The web hosting money back guarantee is an important buffer for people to try whether the web host provides all features required by the websites. Also, it prevents money-loss because of any reason. In this case, the 5 cheap hosting providers all allow anytime pro-rated refund and at least 30 days full refund. Being the best among the all, the full refund period for InMotion Hosting services is 90 days.
  4. Various Free Applications - The bare web hosting works for developers certainly but it's complicated for non-technical people to upload a packaged software then configure it correctly in the shared web hosting environment. So, some web hosts integrate dozens of free applications with their control panels. This allows people to start their blog, photo gallery, forum or business web presence by mouse clicks simply, in 10 minutes only.

Strong Reliability

Reliability has a close consistency with site popularity and traffic. Being aware of that, all recommended hosting companies guarantee 99.9% uptime. While in fact, they having been delivering a much higher uptime than what they have promised.

For example, WebHostingHub delivers an average of 99.99% uptime with hundreds of high performance servers, UPS power supply, diesel generators and I/O segregation in the data centers. In addition, a dedicated team of technicians and engineers monitors the data centers and servers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to resolve any issue before it becomes serious, which protects customers' sites from unexpected interruption.

Fast Page Loading Speed

In terms of speed, they all should be the leaders in the web hosting industry because they have the fastest page loading speed. To ensure ultra-fast page loading speed, most of them use industry-standard technologies to ensure all the servers stay cool, secure and on-line all the time. And on average, websites hosted on servers take less than 1 second to load a page.

To make things specific, let's take A2Hosting as an example. It claims to offer exceedingly fast speed for all the hosted websites by operating 2 data centers located in the US and Europe. Both of the data centers use SwiftServers featuring a minimum of 8 cores, 24 GB RAM and no server overloading, and are equipped with redundant network and power supply. Besides, CloudFlare CDN is offered for free to speed up the page loading time.

Rock-Solid Technical Support

Technical support is an indispensable part especially for starters or non-technical people. Those providers introduced above rock because they offer an informative support center which has thousands of unique visits per month. Customers can browse the knowledgebase for tips and tutorials on application, domain, email and some other aspects related to web hosting, or visit the Community Support section to ask questions.

In the case that some people may not want to spend time in searching for solutions, they can get a real staff to help as soon as they make a toll-free call, start a live chat or send an email to the support offices. Generally speaking, they will receive a response within 90 seconds.

What Is Cheap Web Hosting?

As there are thousands of web hosts in the market, some of them focus on serving large businesses with VPS or dedicated server, and others, however, design their hosting packages specially for small businesses and individuals. And the web hosting services offered by the latter kind of web hosts are considered to be cheap web hosting.

A good cheap web host provides you with functional packages that will get your website online with the least possible cost and without compromising the security and reliability. That's what we all appreciate. But how cheap is cheap?

Problem 1: Poor Customer Service

Experienced and knowledgeable technical support staffs cost a lot of money on hiring. Therefore, a cheap host may outsource the support in result to be failed in offering reliable and timely customer service.

Problem 2: Reliability & Speed

In order to save budget, many bad cheap hosting companies utilize low-priced hardware and data center, which results to extremely slow page loading speed making site visitors frustrating and going away. Besides, these bad hosts usually over-sells the shared server and tries to put thousands of account on a single server. Therefore, the reliability of each site is easy to be affected by abusive neighbors sucking up shared server resources at an alarming rate. Moreover, with more accounts on a server, the more risky for virus infection spreads across the accounts

Problem 3: Extra Charges

Sometimes, cheap hosts offer a low rate at first to attract customers, but charge much higher for the continued billing circles. Besides, these bad companies merely allow customers to have a large volume of disk storage & bandwidth, email usage, domain hosting, etc. If a site outgrows the allocated server resources, you have to pay at a high price for extra resources.

Problem 4: Refund Risk

Many cheap hosting providers only offer a single 30 days money back guarantee, but hide the fact of setup fee, domain registration fee, or other service fee in refund.

About two years ago, we took web hosting plans priced at no more than $5/mo regularly as cheap. However, in the recent years, many web hosts have raised the price. So for now, we have changed our criterion and thought that those packages meeting the following requirements are cheap.
  • The regular price is no more than $8/mo, which means you can get a website up with a cost of less than $100 per year.
  • The discounted price for long terms like 2/3 years is no more than $5/mo.
Cheap web hosting is usually shared hosting, while sometimes you can also purchase a managed WordPress hosting plan. The powerful and expensive VPS and dedicated hosting options are excluded from this hosting type.

How Cheap Is Real Cheap?

Everyone is looking for the cheap web hosting. However, do you know how cheap is real cheap? Actually, in the recent 10 years, the definition of the cheap hosting drops significantly due to the fierce competition in the industry and plenty of promotional activities launched by the web hosts. Initially, we call the $9/mo hosting as the cheap one, and then, $7/mo, $6/mo and $5/mo.

Now, we can give you a quick answer. The cheap hosting is the hosting solution that charges you between $3/mo and $5/mo, along with offering you a large sum of useful features.

These adequate features include the sufficient server resources, the needed tools to set up and control a website of all the kinds, the security features, the advanced programming languages, the needed free extras and many more.

The hosting that charges higher than this range surely cannot be regarded as the cheap hosting. However, this does mean that you can choose a service that is lower than $3/mo. If so, this means you are using a low-costing hosting service, which can bring you the following irritating issues.
  • Overselling and overselling - Some web hosts offer the extremely cheap or even free service. In this case, to save budgets, they have to put too many websites into a single rushed server. This means each hosting account can only get the very limited disk space and bandwidth. Also, this kind of overselling can lead to the slow loading, frequent downtime and security issues, which lead to the bad experiences for your readers.
  • Poor or even no support - Low-costing hosting companies generally choose to outsource their support part. Even if they have their own support team, the number of the team numbers can hardly handle the requests on the daily basis. This means you cannot get the timely and professional support service when you need help.
  • Lots of up-selling or cross-selling - These web hosts need to make profits. While the cheap hosting charges are far enough for the running of the companies, they will showcase plenty of aggressive up-selling products or the cross-selling ones. This can be really annoying.
  • Hidden policies - The low-costing web hosts may have some hidden fees that you can hardly find, such as the hidden fees for setup, no refund guarantee and the expensive renewal prices.