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Established in 1998 in Toronto, Canaca is a small-sized provider of both shared hosting and VPS hosting services. It claims to own a first-class data center, high-performance servers, and other robust hosting equipment. Also, this company labels itself as a KVM server specialist who has weathered the test of time and gained the trust of worldwide users.

The company has a very attractive website showing that it offers multiple hosting plans along with affordable prices, rich features, and more. However, most of these contents turn out to be merely outer beauties. In fact, Canaca does not have a good reputation in the matter of various aspects, such as technical support, reliability, performance, etc.

Based on our real-world monitoring statistics and hundreds of verified users' feedback, we are going to deliver this Canaca review to help you evaluate whether it is a good choice for shared and VPS hosting services.
Editorial Review

Canaca Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Canaca claims that its data center features individual UPS backups with a total of over 1500AMPS capacity. Also, it declares to partner with multiple Tier 1 telecom providers, such as Cogent, Tinet, and ToxlXt, aiming to guarantee an optimized hosting performance for each user.

However, there is little explicit information about the location, security measures, cooling system, and other important features about the data center, which makes it hard to evaluate its hosting infrastructures in a more comprehensive way.

Therefore, we have personally hosted a sample WordPress site on Canaca since May 2014 for test purpose. By the monitoring outcomes, this company averages 780ms for responding to each server request. Technically speaking, this server response time is frustrating for the majority of website owners and their visitors.

Canaca Server Response Time

Canaca Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

Downtime issues are a nightmare shared by many users around the world. It is indisputably depressing if your sites are up and down from time to time. Unfortunately, that's the case of Canaca.

Over the internet, many webmasters are reporting downtime issues of this company. Some even mentioned that their sites were down for several days without any resolution from the company side. To illustrate this point more specifically, we have selected the experience of a verified user as an example. Check the following screen capture for more details about Canaca downtime issues.

Canaca Downtime Issues

Our situation is not all the same as that of the user mentioned above. In the past months, we have not undergone any serious downtime issues. However, our site is also frequently down. Besides, according to our latest monitoring results, Canaca has only ensured that our site is up 99.62% of the time in the past month , which is far away from its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Canaca Uptime

Canaca Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

Technical support is an indispensable element of a web host because there is a good chance that users will encounter many unexpected problems. While many other peer hosts are making constant efforts to enhance the quality of their supports, Canaca is taking the opposite tack.

As a matter of fact, technical support is one of the main shortcomings of this company. Many webmasters even describe its support as "non-existent" in regard to the following aspects.
  • No live chat support is available for getting assistance from a real person.
  • The phone support is nothing but an empty shell. Whenever users call the support number, all they receive is a recorded message asking them to email the company.
  • The virtually 24x7 available support channel - email is far from effective. Users have to wait 24+ hours averagely to get a response.
  • The knowledgebase offers limited guides and tutorials, making it difficult to find out self-help solutions in need.

Canaca Shared Hosting Plan Review 2.00 of 5

Canaca offers only one plan for shared hosting, which means that once users have outgrown their needs, they have no alternative but to upgrade it to a VPS plan or turn to another web host.

This plan is priced from $9.95/mo, which applies to one-year billing terms only. The prices for 1/3/6 month(s) are $19.95/mo, $16.95/mo, and $13.95/mo respectively. Honestly speaking, these prices of Canaca plan rank the highest among 200+ companies that our editors have reviewed in recent years, which is almost at the same level as some cheap VPS hosting.

Besides the price, another top concern of worldwide users is the feature when choosing a shared web host. From this perspective, nor is Canaca a good choice.

Despite the fact that it offers unlimited domains, 300GB storage, and 1000GB bandwidth, the company does not support many important features, such as Ruby on Rails, Cron Jobs, 1-click installer, and more. Therefore, compared to other reputable hosts who provide all basic features at less than $4/mo hosting fees, this company is far from competitive regarding cost effectiveness.

Canaca VPS Hosting Package Review 2.00 of 5

Canaca VPS hosting is powered by KVM servers, a type of servers that are at the middle ground between a VPS server and a dedicated server. With this type of VPS hosting services, the RAM, CPUs, and other resources are allocated according to the amount of users on each server.

The company offers a total of three plans named as KVM Server 1-3. Varying from $39.95/mo to $99.95/mo, the prices of these plans are also premium. Take KVM Sever 1 for example. For this plan, Canaca is offering a 3-month free trial, which is not a big deal after you have checked the regular rates of this plan as below. Besides, a $5 setup fee is included with each billing term.
  • 1-month term: $48.95/mo
  • 3-month term: $45.95/mo
  • 6-month term: $42.95/mo
  • 12-month term: $39.95/mo

When it comes to the available features, this company offers multiple choices for Linux and Windows operating systems. Also, it includes each plan with unlimited bandwidth and 8GB SSD storage. The differences between these plans mainly lie in the CPU cores, hard drive space, memory, and guaranteed uplink. Check the following list for more details about its feature offerings.
  • KVM Server 1: Comes with 1 CPU, 450GB hard drive space, 1GB memory, and 10Mbps uplink.
  • KVM Server 2: Comes with 2 CPUs, 700GB hard drive space, 1GB memory, and 50Mbps uplink.
  • KVM Server 3: Comes with 4 CPUs, 1.5TB hard drive space, 2GB memory, and 100Mbps uplink.

Canaca Hosting Control Panel Review 2.00 of 5

As for the control panel, Canaca provides multiple choices for users to manage their websites and accounts. To be more specific, it includes cPanel with the shared hosting plan. As for the VPS ones, it offers Webmin, cPanel, and RDP control panel options.

However, cPanel, one of the most user-friendly control panels in the field, is not provided for free with Canaca. Users who desire to use it need to pay an additional fee of $200 for 1-year VPS license. Compared to other leading companies like InMotion Hosting who offers free cPanel to each user, this additional charge is to some extent outrageous.

Canaca Hosting Refund Policy Review 2.50 of 5

As most web hosts do, this company offers a 30-day money back guarantee during which an unconditional full refund is possible in theory. However, Canaca users may not rest assured that they will get their money back in a hassle-free way.

Firstly, this company does not issue a pro-rated refund for those who cancel their accounts after the first thirty days. Secondly, the 30-day full refund money back guarantee is not valid for renewals. Thirdly, if users desire to terminate the agreement with Canaca, they have to perform it before or on the renewal date. Otherwise, they have to pay each additional month fee for the hosting services.

Other Better Alternatives to Canaca 5.00 of 5

From this in-depth Canaca review, this company is not a good choice both for shared hosting and VPS hosting. Its hosting plans are provided at premium prices with unsatisfying reliability, performance, and technical support.

Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable shared hosting provider at a small budget, we recommend you give a try to Arvixe, JustHost, and HostGator. And if you are looking for quality VPS hosting provider, the following industry-acknowledged alternatives are right for you.