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Since its establishment in 2005, ByetHost has been developing itself into a professional web hosting provider. ByetHost provides products covering VPS, shared and reseller hosting. What worth attention is that the company also provides free hosting which is claimed to be powered by a powerful network. However, according to their users' words, free hosting is not satisfying in performance.

Today, we will mainly focus on its premium hosting. To date, ByetHost has served hundreds of thousands of users. When we consider solely on its shared web hosting, the company provides mainly two types of plans: Super Premium and Ultimate.

As for price, the company rates the plans at $3.99/mo and $6.99/mo, which is relatively affordable, especially the Super Premium plan. However, both of the plans are nonrefundable, which is barely seen in this industry. The term of service is definitely not welcome. Webmasters really need think before making any decisions.

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ByetHost Speed Review 2.00 of 5

The company's Premium hosting is hosted on 24 core Intel Xeon multi-processor SSD servers, which contributes a lot to its speed. As is known, SSDs usually run several times faster than normal hard disks, so that they are utilized by more and more web hosts.

Besides, ByetHost uses the CDN service from CloudFlare and is a Railgun optimized hosting partner. Railgun service is free for all account and it can guarantee fast connection speed between the data center and servers. According to a series of simple tests, the server response speed and page loads far behind our expectation, perhaps due to the over-used by the more and more free users.

ByetHost Reliability Review 2.00 of 5

Consider ByetHost reliability, you really need to hear their real users' feedbacks. Unfortunately, there are a lot of serious complaints. For example, one user complained that he had gone through several terrible downtimes for one month with duration time even up to 4 hours once. Another user said her sites only kept online for 20% of the time. Some even reported that the company explained most downtimes with the excuse of maintenance.

Overall, complainers suffer a lot according to their serious descriptions. In addition, our statistics also show that the company cannot keep its promise in uptime. ByetHost really needs to handle the downtime problem.

ByetHost Feature Review 2.50 of 5

Premium hosting provides users free setup with no minimum contract or cancellation fees. Besides, the company also provides unlimited disk space for both Super Premium and Ultimate solutions, which is quite impressive. However, the Bandwidth is limited to 250GB for Super Premium users.

As for the features related to domain, ByetHost is relatively competitive. For example, the company enables 20 add-on domains and sub domains for Premium users and a free domain for the users of either plan.

The company also supports PHP, MySQL, cPanel, Python, Ruby on Rails, Site Builder and Cron Jobs, which provides hosted websites good features. But the company doesn't offer free backups.

ByetHost Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

There is a Byet Forum where you can share information and exchange thoughts with other people. By the way, remember to check the FAQs section for solutions for common problems. Essentially, Byet Forum is not a platform for technical support. You may also turn to ByeHost Knowledge Base for any hosting-related information.

Please do keep it in mind that if you need any technical assistance, you'd better send a support ticket. According to users' reviews, they often make response within 3 hours.

It is a bad news that customers cannot contact the company though live chat and email, neither can you find any phone number, which would obviously be time-consuming and cause a few troubles when you are in need for help. In a word, it is really inconvenient if users need any instant help. What's worse, lots of people reported that ByetHost sends spam emails.
  • Abram from San Francisco, California, United States
    submitted on Apr 13, 2015

    I have to say that I am quite satisfied with this hosting provider that I could not help sharing it with all of you. To be honest, I can one hundred percent rely on this company because it gives me trustworthy technical support for any hosting problems anytime I like.

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  • Holden from United Kingdom
    submitted on Mar 04, 2015

    BlueHost offers great hosting service at great prices. The basic is totally fine but the expanded service is amazing. And you are able to have unlimited web sites with all features you need. They also make the support and performance awesome! Absolutely no complaints here!

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