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Getting into business in 2005, BudgetVM is an Enzu company offering dedicated server, cloud and virtualization solutions. The virtual servers are much more popular than the other services, and the company is now hosting approximately 50,000 VPS for over 5,000 customers around the world.

BudgetVM has been known for being "budget". It provides unmanaged servers only at affordable prices, and backs its services with a Service Level Agreement and a refund guarantee. It seems that the company is considerate, but does the reality match this expectation?

When searching through multiple well-known web hosting forums, we found that there are a large number of common complaints about BudgetVM services. To find out why, we have personally monitored a server and confirmed the truth of some complaints.

In fact, the virtual servers offered by BudgetVM are only suitable for developers and those who need a VPS for experimenting instead of online businesses. This review reveals the reasons and the true quality of the virtual servers.
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Editorial Review

BudgetVM Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

BudgetVM offers an SLA (Service Level Agreement) covering the service interruptions caused by network, hardware and power supply. It guarantees 100% power and network uptime, and 4-hour hardware replacement. For any failure of the guarantees, SLA credits will be issued to the user's account.

According to our monitoring on a server located in the Miami data center, the uptime is good. We have only monitored for 20 days and during this period, the uptime of this server is 100%. However, it is said that some data centers, especially the Los Angeles data center, is not reliable in uptime. We will explore the issue with further monitoring.

BudgetVM Uptime

BudgetVM Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

According to old customers' reviews, neither the response time nor the accuracy of answers is satisfactory. Although BudgetVM offers live chat and phone number for users to ask for assistance, the main support method is still the ticket system.

The company claims that the support hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while the response speed is not stable at all. Tickets can be responded within 1 hour, or they might also be replied after 24 hours, depending on your luck.

Besides, as BudgetVM only offers unmanaged services, the support team is not responsible for server management or security, which means the user needs to shoulder the full responsibility. Also, the provider does not offer any written tutorials for frequently asked questions, which makes it definitely not an option for beginners.

BudgetVM VPS Hosting Plans & Features 3.00 of 5

BudgetVM offers 3 types of VPS named SSD VPS, Xen VPS and OpenVZ VPS. SSD VPS comes with full SSD storage, and the other 2 types of servers are SSD cached. SSD VPS and Xen VPS have the same pricing for all plans and vary a little in the amount of storage. The plans in Xen VPS are generally cheaper.

Below is the pricing and resource information for Xen VPS, from which you can have a general impression about the value of BudgetVM services.

BudgetVM Xen VPS Pricing

With the same amount of RAM, storage, CPU core, bandwidth and IP addresses, Xen VPS is the most expensive choices, and the other 2 choices are even cheaper. For the cheapest OpenVZ VPS, you can get 512 MB RAM, 50 GB storage, 1 CPU core, 2 TB bandwidth, 1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6 at the price of $25/year.

Some of the additional services that may need to purchase are:
  • cPanel: $10/mo; cPanel server management: $49/mo.
  • Plesk: $15/mo; Plesk Server Management: $49/mo.
  • Custom server management: $99/mo.
  • IPv4: $2/mo for each.

BudgetVM VPS Hosting Advantages 2.00 of 5

As a growing company, BudgetVM possesses the following advantages in terms of VPS hosting.

Multiple data center options

As a BudgetVM customer, you are free to make a choice among 4 data center locations, including Los Angeles, CA, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, and Miami, FL. No matter where your target users are located (in the US), you can expect fast speed by selecting the data center closest to them.

The data centers have the similar cooling system, UPS infrastructure, and SSAE16 compliance. Besides, all of them are equipped with Brocade CER edge routing, fully redundant network connectivity, and a minimum of 3 network providers. The network is protected against DDoS.

Barely good speed

We have been monitoring the server response speed for a while and can conclude that BudgetVM virtual servers are fast in most times. The average server response time in the past 20 days is about 400ms which is good, but spikes occur occasionally. See the chart below for the monitoring statistics of the past 24 hours.

BudgetVM Server Response Speed

BudgetVM VPS Hosting Disadvantages 1.00 of 5

Concluding from our experience and over 100 user reviews on the Internet, we find that BudgetVM VPS has the following commonly seen problems.

Constant network problems

It is reported that users with servers in the Los Angeles and Chicago data centers have suffered much from network problems and node instability. Many users complain that their servers can be down for a whole day before they finally reach a so-called network engineer the fix things up.

IPv6 support issues

Back to 2014, the most frequent complaint about BudgetVM VPS is the IPv6 support. At that time, when servers were set up for the first time, they usually cannot work with IPv6 until you call the support team for several times. This issue no longer occurs frequently but you still need to pay attention and make it clear before making a purchase.

Commercial emails are not allowed.

BudgetVM VPS users are not allowed to send commercial emails. Sending automated marketing emails can cause a suspension or even termination of your service. This might not be a disadvantage but you should attach importance to the issue.