BudgetVM Coupon & Promotion 2018

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BudgetVM used to offer numerous coupon codes for the VPS hosting packages and dedicated servers, but nowadays, it is no longer that easy to find an effective coupon which does not get you the message "the promotion code entered has expired".

The company now does not offer many coupons, and usually limits the usability to a short time. In below, we will introduce the most popular offers for dedicated servers and VPS solutions. You should try them as soon as possible to make sure that you can enjoy the savings.

BudgetVM Coupons for VPS Hosting

For the most popular products – VPS hosting, BudgetVM seldomly offers discounts. The following coupon codes work, but restrictions come along.
  • 0KI227YNOP: 50% one-time discount for Windows SSD virtual servers.
  • dpc10first: 10% off the first month of any VPS plan.

BudgetVM Coupons for Dedicated Servers

The coupon codes below apply to BudgetVM dedicated servers.
  • 15forlife: 15% lifetime discount for all Xeon E3 servers.
  • 25forlife/VHZPYBI594: 25% lifetime discount for Xeon E3-1270v3 servers.
  • 4EK7MBYR1Y: 50% off the first month of E3-1230v3 servers.
  • 1AOC6EFS03: 15% discount for life for any dedicated server.
At this time of writing, BudgetVM is promoting their SmartServers Xeon E3-1230 and Xeon E3-1270 with an exclusive 50% discount. You can claim the special discount by clicking the promotional link below.
  • Xeon E3-1230: $39/mo now, $79/mo regularly.
  • Xeon E3-1270: $49/mo now, $99/mo regularly.

BudgetVM Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret BudgetVM coupon codes and promotions - 50% discount, from $2.08/mo

  • 50% Discount for Windows SSD VPS
    Get a 50% one-time discount for Windows SSD VPS.
  • 25% Lifetime Discount for E3-1270v3
    Get a 25% lifetime discount for Xeon E3-1270v3 servers.
  • 15% Discount for Dedicated Servers
    Get a 15% lifetime discount for any dedicated server.
  • 50% Off SmartServers
    Get a 50% discount for Xeon E3-1230 and Xeon E3-1270 servers.