Bravenet Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Tracking back to 1997, Bravenet is a provider of a series of web services, including web hosting, site building, free web tools and domain registration. This company hopes to create the world's best interactive, remotely hosted and fully customizable tools for webmasters of all skill levels.

In terms of web hosting, only one plan is launched by Bravenet at the price of $8.25/mo. The regular price, however, starts from $16.58/mo, which is not very affordable. As for the domain registration, you have to pay $12.95/yr.

Bravenet does not provide any refund for domain registrations and domain transfer since domains can't be unregistered. One-month hosting package payments are fully refundable within 7 days, 3-month within 14 days, and yearly terms within 30 days from the date of purchase. As you can see, this company does not offer a very long money-back time for webmasters to experience what they buy.

If you choose their website hosting or domain services, Visa and MasterCard payments are available through PayPal. Your service will be automatically activated within your account when purchasing using such methods.

Besides the company background and pricing, this Bravenet review also analyzes the reliability, speed, feature and support to help you decide whether to go with this web host.
Editorial Review

Bravenet Speed Review 2.00 of 5

Bravenet uses load balanced servers in order to offer a good hosting experience. But as a matter of fact, due to the fact that this company does not put much emphasis on web hosting, it is not as professional as some web hosting providers who are specialized in the field.

Bravenet claims that they have experienced engineers who are monitoring the network connection 24 hour a day and 7 days a week to avoid some accidents and events.

The feedbacks from their customers and our monitoring statistics tell that the speed of this company' hosting service is unstable. Sometimes you can load your page quickly, but for the most cases, you have to wait for some time. There is much room for Bravenet to improve for the part of the stability of speed.

Bravenet Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

This company promises to back up customers' data every day, which can help users restore their statistics in case of unexpected loss. Besides, it also says that their servers are supported by UPS and generator power backup to keep stable operation. But if you are careful enough, you will find that except for the small pieces of information like UPS, you can not dig out any more details about their data center or servers not matter how hard you try.

Judging from the uptime statistics, Bravenet does not have serious downtimes or attacks in past few years, but the efforts to secure the websites and accounts are still necessary and needed to continue.

Bravenet Feature Review 2.00 of 5

The single web hosting solution of Bravenet includes unlimited websites, disk space, monthly data transfer and email accounts. Since the company offers a good site builder and many other useful tools, setting up websites and managing accounts are easy. Moreover, Bravenet provides users with access to loads of webmaster tools and PHP.

However, the limitations of the features are also obvious. For example, Bravenet adopts their own custom control panel which is not very well-designed and simple-to-use according to our experience. In addition, they do not offer many advanced hosting features like SSH.

Bravenet Technical Support Review 1.00 of 5

Bravenet claims that they have a number of top-notch friendly support staff who can offer professional customer service. But actually, the attitude of their staffs is not equal to what they say. There is indeed a case that a customer sent the company an email seeking help with FTP accounts but received blame on the local computer and the standalone FTP client.

Only email ticket is allowed for Bravenet users to ask for help, which means this company does not offer phone call or online chat support. If you want to choose a web host who can assist you at any time when you are stuck in unexpected issues, you must think it over.