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BrainHost makes the effort to satisfy customers with reliable hosting services. This company knows the needs of each website every well and includes unlimited hosting resources in each hosting package, in terms of disk space, bandwidth, email accounts and hosted sites. Since BrainHost has received mixed reviews from customers, we would like to dig for more details like price, features, performance and technical support to get to the bottom of this web host.

BrainHost has released dedicated hosting, ecommerce hosting and business for multiple purposes, like blog, corporation site, online store, etc. Each hosting solution comes with sufficient resources and advanced features. More details of the shared web hosting are particularly mentioned in this review.

A variety of shared hosting options are developed by BrainHost to satisfy the needs of websites in different levels. The best value method is starting at $7.95/mo and that is valid for 12-month billing term. The service is pricing at $8.95/mo for 6-month subscription while $9.95/mo for the monthly plan. An extra 10% discount comes into force and cuts the price down to $6.95/mo. A 30-day money back guarantee is valid for all shared hosting packages.
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BrainHost Speed Review 2.00 of 5

BrainHost utilizes Quad Processor Servers with eco-friendly technologies supported to maximize the energy efficiency. All servers use only 40 watts according to the EPA and that contributes a lot to environment protection. The technicians keep monitoring all facilities to troubleshoot issues once happening.

The server response time of BrainHost is nothing compared to some fast hosting providers, like InMotion Hosting which consumes 237ms on average. The same happens to BrainHost is over 700ms averagely.

BrainHost Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

BrainHost claims to develop eco-friendly web hosting by utilizing energy efficient data centers. Each data center houses multiple servers, data storage devices, computers and other equipment for consuming a large amount of energy. The UPS Power Back-Up Generator and Backup battery bay + generator work around-the-clock in case of power outage.

This company guarantees 99.9% uptime and promises to host all websites in a reliable hosting environment. However, since the complaints of BrainHost reliability are heard everywhere on the Internet, the reliability of hosting environment remains to improve.

BrainHost Feature Review 3.00 of 5

The basic hosting resources, like storage, monthly data transfer, email accounts and domain hosting, are included in the hosting solutions without limit. A user-friendly website builder simplifies the process of site building and that is free of charge. $125 free advertising credits for Google AdWords, Bing Search, Yahoo! Search and Facebook are included.

BrainHost integrates cPanel with all solutions to help webmasters develop website in an easy manner. The 1-click Script Installs is available for installation of over 50 applications, like WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Zen Cart, Media Wiki, and so on. That enables more functions to a website. Each solution also supports the latest version of PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby On Rails.

The free website transfer service is created for webmasters having a website already and planning to turn to a new hosting provider. That is a practical method to save money and effort.

BrainHost Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

The only method to contact BrainHost support team is the support ticket. Open a support ticket and type the basic information as required. If there is any problems to be solved, enter the question in detailed description and submit the ticket to support staff in real time. That is a great way to keep BrainHost advised of the current situation but cannot fix a problem in time. In fact, it is terrible for webmasters who wish to get an answer instantly.

The Help Center includes a list of video tutorials for an explanation of domain management, the importance of website traffic, beginner's guide for email account, application for a refund, and some other frequently asked questions. The answers can be emergency measures before getting a solution from the support team.