BigRock Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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BigRock is a provider of various online solutions including domain registration, web hosting, VPS hosting, business email, site builders and security tools. It is a branch of Directi, a business group founded in 1998 with a focus on innovative web products.

In terms of the hosting services, BigRock mainly targets individuals, small businesses and developers. For these types of customers, the company offers a range of choices including shared web hosting, reseller hosting and VPS hosting. The former two services come with plans for both Linux users and Windows users, while the last one is designed for Linux users only.

BigRock web hosting plans are affordable, starting at a low price that is about $2/mo. This makes the provider a good choice for those with a limited budget. However, according to our monitoring and user reviews, the company has not been excellent in speed and technical support. Besides, there are some limitations in the hosting features, too. So we would not rank it on the top of our recommended hosts.

This BigRock review focuses on the shared hosting services and reveals the reasons why the company is not among the best hosting providers.
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Editorial Review

BigRock Speed Review 3.00 of 5

BigRock does not mention much about their data center or network infrastructures. The information we can only find tells that this company does not operate data centers by themselves, and instead, they use servers which are distributed in multiple data centers worldwide. The available locations include the US and India.

Besides using distributed servers, BigRock has also tried to guarantee good hosting speed by offering:
  • Premium servers purchased from Dell. All servers feature Intel Xeon E5 processors and 64 GB RAM.
  • Advanced switches and routers from Juniper.
  • Gigabit Ethernet connections from multiple backbone providers.
With these factors combined, BigRock is able to deliver a fairly fast speed for locations in India and North America, which has been confirmed by our personal monitoring. However, the company still stays on the average level as the server response time keeps around 650ms and page loads take about 3 seconds.

BigRock Server Response Speed

BigRock Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

BigRock provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all of their hosting services. To support the commitment, the company offers some statements to convince customers that their services are reliable and stable.
  • All the Dell servers are pre-installed with CloudLinux operating system which features a high level of reliability and security.
  • The data centers where the company's servers are located are equipped with redundant power supplies and an ATS which switches to a backup generator automatically when there is a power failure. A UPS system is also in action.
  • The servers BigRock uses interact with each other, so they form a server cluster featuring high-availability. In the case one server fails, your website will still be served by another server.
To be honest, the uptime of BigRock web hosting services is good. The company not only promises 99.9% uptime, but also has been delivering such reliability. The average uptime of BigRock in the last 30 days is 99.93%.

BigRock Uptime

BigRock Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

There are multiple ways to seek assistance from BigRock on technical problems. First of all, you can browse the knowledgebase and enter the keywords in the search box to find a written tutorial for your issue. However, the knowledgebase is only recommended for some simple issues related to email, DNS and web hosting because the available resources are quite limited. What's more, no video tutorials are offered.

Besides the knowledgebase, you can also rely on the support team for solutions. Claimed to be available 24x7, the support team are reachable via a US toll-free phone number, live chat, and tickets.

The support team which should consist of experts ought to be helpful for those with troubles. However, the reviews from real users indicate that BigRock support is sometimes irritating due to the following reasons.
  • Slow responses. Tickets are usually ignored, which means you may not receive a reply until you call them. Also, phone calls might not be answered within 20 minutes, which is unacceptable.
  • The lack of professionalism. Some of the support representatives are not professional in what they are doing at all. They offer no quick solutions but excuses, which makes BigRock customers doubt whether they are really knowledgeable about web hosting.

BigRock Linux Hosting Plans 3.00 of 5

BigRock provides 4 web hosting plans based on Linux – Starter, Advanced, Business and Pro. The main differences among the plans are the prices and the number of allowed domains. You can get the basic information about the plans in below.

Note that the prices mentioned here are for the 1-year billing. If you choose longer terms like 2/3/5/10 years, the costs are lower. Monthly, quarterly and semi-annual billings are not allowed.
  • Starter: $2.39/mo, including 1 hosted domain, 10 GB disk space, 200 email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Advanced: $4.29/mo, including 1 hosted domain and unlimited disk space, email accounts and bandwidth.
  • Business: $7.59/mo, including 3 hosted domains and all features in Advanced.
  • Pro: $10.59/mo, including unlimited hosted domains, disk space, emails and bandwidth.
The plans, especially the Starter plan, are cheap at the first glimpse. However, you have to pay attention that Starter and Business only allow hosting a single domain.

When taking this fact into consideration, we do not think the plans are really cost-effective because there are many web hosts offering even better hosting plans. For example, Arvixe prices a plan with 6 hosted domains and unlimited disk space at $2.8/mo only. Hosting unlimited domains with this provider costs $4.9/mo.

Regarding the features, all BigRock web hosting plans come with cPanel, Softaculous installer, and multiple development features including PHP 5.2-5.4, Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl and MySQL databases. You must note that the PHP versions are a little outdated because scripts like WordPress already recommend PHP 5.6 or higher. Besides, BigRock does not offer marketing freebies or free domain in any of these plans.

BigRock Windows Hosting Plans 2.50 of 5

The pricing and resource allocation of BigRock Windows hosting plans are very similar to those of the Linux hosting plans. You can get some details in the list below.
  • Essential: $2.89/mo, including 1 hosted domain, 10 GB disk space and 200 email accounts.
  • Premium: $6.09/mo, including 1 hosted domain and unlimited resources.
  • Business: $12.19/mo, including 5 hosted domains and unlimited resources.
  • Pro: $15.19/mo, including unlimited domains, disk space and email accounts.
Purchasing any of the plans, you can get access to Plesk, a top-rated Windows hosting control panel which comes with a 1-click installer for hundreds of applications. Besides, some other features are available, including Windows 2008, ASP.NET, PHP 5.3/5.4, MS SQL and MySQL.

One of the significant disadvantages of BigRock Windows hosting is that the company does not utilize the latest Windows server, IIS, ASP.NET, etc. Besides, BigRock does not even mention some important features like the trust level, ASP.NET MVC and isolated application pool on their official site, which makes it not a professional provider.

Money Back Guarantee 2.00 of 5

For both Linux hosting and Windows hosting, BigRock promises 30-day refund, which means unsatisfied customers can cancel their accounts without suffering a huge loss. However, the company does not clarify the detailed policies of the refund guarantee, such as the non-refundable fees, pro-rated refund, and the cases when you are not eligible for a refund.

Better Web Hosting Choices 5.00 of 5

From the review you can see that BigRock offerings seem affordable but they are of little value in fact. Therefore, as a conclusion, we don't recommend BigRock no matter you are looking for a provider of Linux hosting or Windows hosting. Instead, there are much better choices.
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