BigRock Coupon & Promotion 2018

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BigRock, a provider of multiple online services including web hosting, domain registration and website builder, is now allowing 10% off any order. For website transfers, there is a more favorable 15% discount available if you use the proper coupon code when checking out.

In this BigRock coupon, we will detail the discounts which are currently offered by BigRock, and provide the valid methods that you can use to activate these discounts.

10% Discount for Any BigRock Product

No matter which product you buy from BigRock, you can receive a secret 10% discount for the entire order by sharing BigRock on your Facebook or Twitter account. After the sharing is completed, a coupon code will be generated automatically to lower your cost. Below is more information about BigRock pricing.

Linux web hosting

BigRock has 4 Linux web hosting plans which are priced at $2.39/mo, $4.29/mo, $6.09/mo and $8.59/mo for annual terms. With the discount used, the prices are reduced to $2.15/mo, $3.86/mo, $5.48/mo and $7.73/mo. If you choose the longer terms like 2/3/5/10 years, the costs will be even lower. For the differences between the plans, you can read this BigRock review.

Windows web hosting

There are 4 Windows hosting plans, too, which are purchasable at $2.89/mo, $6.09/mo, $9.89/mo and $12.49/mo for annual terms. The discounted prices, however, are $2.6/mo, $5.48/mo, $8.9/mo and $11.24/mo. Free email hosting is included in all the plans.

VPS hosting

BigRock VPS hosting plans, V1, V3, V5 and V7, are priced at $25.49/mo, $45.49/mo, $76.39/mo and $125.49/mo regularly for monthly billing. The prices lower as the term lengths to 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. With the 10% discount, you can get these plans at $22.94/mo, $40.94/mo, $68.75/mo and $112.94/mo.

Note that BigRock VPS plans do not include a control panel or billing software for free, so you may have to pay additional fees for the following services.
  • cPanel: $11/mo.
  • Plesk: $4/mo (10 domains), $8/mo (100 domains), or $10/mo (unlimited domains).
  • WHMCS: $5/mo.

DIY website builder

BigRock offers 4 website builder plans which are all packed with a DIY site builder, email hosting and basic web hosting. Depending on the number of websites allowed, the plans are available at $2.39/mo, $4.29/mo, $7.59/mo and $10.59/mo, while the discounted prices are $2.15/mo, $3.86/mo, $6.83/mo and $9.53/mo. For the site builder, there is a free demo which allows you to try the features.

15% Discount for Website Transfers

Besides the 10%-off offer introduced above, BigRock is now providing a more appealing 15% discount for domain transfers. By entering BRTRANSFER in the coupon code box during checkout, you will get a lower rate for your order.

In addition, the domain transfer services of BigRock include an extra of 1-year domain registration fee. After your domain is transferred, BigRock adds one year to the expiry date of the domain with no charge.

BigRock Money Back Guarantee

For the Linux web hosting and Windows web hosting plans, BigRock offers a 30-day refund guarantee. Those who cancel their services within 30 days of signup are eligible for a refund of the hosting fees. However, for other services like VPS hosting, website builder and domain registrations, no refund is guaranteed.

More Risk-Free Hosting Choices

BigRock hosting services are affordable indeed. However, the limited features and short refund period make these services not some of the best risk-free choices. If you want to go with a web host offering more favorable refund policies, below are several good options.

BigRock Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret BigRock coupon codes and promotions - 10% discount available, from $2.15/mo

  • 15% Off Domain Transfers
    Get a 15% discount for domain transfers and one-year
  • 10% Off Linux & Windows Hosting
    Get a 10% discount for any Linux and Windows web hosting plan.
  • 10% Off VPS Hosting
    Get 10% off any VPS hosting plan, starting at $22.94/mo.
  • 10% Off Website Builder
    Get 10% off any website builder plan, starting at $2.15/mo.