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BigCommerce is the all-in-one, No.1 rated ecommerce service for selling products online with over 10,000 happy clients and it's still growing daily. Using BigCommerce anyone can quickly and easily create an online store to sell products online, process and ship orders, track inventory and completely customize the look and layout of their store in just a few minutes. By simply completing an online form, website visitors can try BigCommerce free for 15 days, after which they can easily choose from one of BigCommerce's paid plans. The software is the easiest-to-use on the market and includes all of the features online retailers demand. BigCommerce continued commitment to improving the software and the website has given BigCommerce an industry-leading conversion rate.
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BigCommerce Overall Review 4.00 of 5

BigCommerce is the best hosting solution for small/medium eCommerce after we reviewed over 50 web hosting packages, if you’re not sensitive on $25/month rather than $5 or $6. In fact, compared to introduce BigCommerce as shopping cart web hosting provider, it’s preferred to calling it as eCommerce software as a service provider. It serves for the customers having direct desire for eCommerce and provides easy-to-use web interface and step-by-step guide to complete their e-business websites simply. As the folks at BigCommerce said, "... the best software is the easiest to use... it’s designed for any people to get started eCommerce in 10 minutes, including your 80 year old grandma!"

The best evidence on the excellence of BigCommerce is, Dell, Kraft and Ticketmaster are the typical customers of BigCommerce, as well as over 20,000 other small and medium sized business, individuals and schools. This indicates, BigCommerce has made their solution possible for all sized business owners to be able to sell products online.

BigCommerce Performance Review 4.50 of 5

"So slick, up and running faster than any other shopping cart software considered and the easiest to customize. Very much impressed", the comment from the editor Lucy after tested with BigCommerce Bronze eCommerce Hosting plan. As BigCommerce working only for shopping cart based on their own customized solution, it’s more secure and reliable rather than the generic web hosting solutions. In the testing for 3 months, we never got any downtime except for server maintenance monthly.

BigCommerce Technical Support Review 4.50 of 5

BigCommerce provide 24/7/365 toll-free telephone support based on Austin, U.S. and Sydney, A.U. BigCommerce technical support staff are all well trained and have rich experience on eCommerce solutions support. In our testing, they can help us resolve any problems in 2-4 hours, like questions about PayPal merchant account, request to restore databases, questions about their external RESTful APIs, etc. But in practice, we really cannot find more troubles need their help as they have integrated everything well and write most of frequent questions in the documentation clearly.
  • Arch from Europe
    submitted on Aug 31, 2011

    Their software, reliability and customer service are all impressed. Their friendly technical staff helped me setup my ecommerce site well including the paypal integration. And the online product management system is quite easy to use even my wife can get started on the management easily. Everything looks very well!

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  • Camille Mike from Beijing, China
    submitted on Jul 11, 2011

    Everything goes well except it's too expensive. I used this plan in last year and now switched to a starting VPS plan from hostgator. There is no significant performance difference in my opinion but I can save $10 per month. The only more works for me is that I started to maintain my ecommerce website instead of bigcommerce. This plan is designed for the people who completely do not have any knowledge on server and ecommernce applications.

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