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As a provider of high-end cloud servers, Beyond Hosting doesn't always release coupons, so it's not easy to find a discount for this company's services.

Fortunately, we have discovered three valid coupons for the virtual servers which are built based on the cloud of Beyond Hosting. With the proper use of the coupons, you are able to get up to 50% one-time discounts. A virtual server, then, can be bought at a price that is as low as $22.4/mo.

Below are the introduction of the coupons and the detailed price information.

Beyond Hosting VPS Hosting Coupons – Up to 30% Off

Beyond Hosting provides highly customizable virtual servers. When configuring your server, you can choose the processor, memory, and SSD storage as you like. The minimum configuration of a server, which includes 1 CPU core, 1 GB memory and 20 GB SSD storage, costs $32/mo.

Currently, the following two coupons apply to the customizable virtual servers.
  • AFFPLAYBOOK: 25% off any new hosting account. An unmanaged VPS with the basic configuration then charges $24/mo only.
  • BHCLOUD30: 30% off any VPS, with which you can pay $22.4/mo only for a VPS.
These discounts can cut the cost down. But when buying a VPS, you also need to pay attention to the costs of the additional resources and services.
  • CPU core: $15/mo for each.
  • Memory: $7/mo per GB.
  • SSD storage: $0.5/mo per GB.
  • Capacity storage: $0.2/mo per GB.
  • Server management: $50/mo.

Beyond Hosting Hybrid VPS Coupon – 50% Off

Besides the VPS hosting service introduced above, Beyond Hosting also offers Hybrid VPS which is priced from $49.99/mo. Such a plan includes 512 MB dedicated RAM, 1 CPU core, 50 GB storage, 500 GB bandwidth and cPanel control panel.

Now with the coupon code GOGOBH50, you are able to get the plan at $24.99/mo. But note that the 50% one-time discount only applies to the first month of the subscription.

VPS Hosting Alternatives

Beyond Hosting does provide reliable VPS, but its services are not affordable at all. According to our review of dozens of VPS hosting providers, an affordable unmanaged VPS usually costs less than $20/mo, and a managed VPS with the same configuration as Beyond Hosting Hybrid VPS charges about $30/mo.

What's better, with the following VPS hosting providers, you can buy a quality managed VPS at about $15/mo only.

Beyond Hosting Coupon Codes

The exclusive and secret Beyond Hosting coupon codes and promotions - 50% discount, from $22.40/mo

  • 25% Off Virtual Servers
    Get a 25% discount for virtual servers, starting at $24/mo.
  • 30% Off Virtual Servers
    Get a 30% discount for virtual servers, starting at $22.4/mo.
  • 50% Off Hybrid VPS
    Get a 50% discount for Hybrid VPS, starting at $24.99/mo.